Natalie Gotter

Assistant Professor, Dance
Theatre & Dance
2309 Turner Street (Rehearsal House)

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  • B.A., communication, Tulane University
  • M.F.A., modern dance, University of Utah

Teaching Interests

I teach modern dance technique, pedagogy and theory. I am interested in developing the fully-embodied dance artist practitioner through intellectual and somatic understanding of movement. I believe that we learn and challenge notions of the physical body through the practice of movement. We learn about the social relationships of the body through theoretical work and through determining how to communicate our physical knowledge to others. I am interested in the personal history of an individual as shown through their bodily knowledge and guiding experiences that create recognition and acceptance of that history.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

I am interested in examining how the creative choreographic space allows for questioning and deconstructing gendered perceptions of the body. My research primarily focuses on utilizing physical feminism--acceptance and validation of the physical form and its history--as a means to challenge socially imposed rules and expectations of the individual’s form. As a subset of this, I am invested in developing a feminist creative process, removing the traditional hierarchy of the group choreographic space to allow an equalization of voices and physical experiences. Further, I am interested in the intersection of child psychology and childhood creative practices, specifically re-contextualizing family talk therapy into a movement reflective practice.


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