Dr. Mark L. Stein

Associate Professor
Ettinger > 300E


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  • Ph.D., M.A., University of Chicago
  • B.A., Northwestern University

Teaching Interests

I teach history for the same reasons that I was drawn to study history in the first place: I want to understand the societies and civilizations of the past in order to better understand our present. In my courses I not only focus on the events and peoples of the past, but also on the methods that historians use to uncover those details. I emphasize using primary sources of all kinds: government records, literature, personal journals, treaties, art and architecture.

My focus is the history of the Middle East. This is a widely misunderstood region yet one that is vital to our highly interconnected, globalized world. I try to help students recognize the preconceptions that they bring to the class and how other people view their own history and that of the world.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

My research focus is the social and economic history of the Ottoman Empire. This is a broad area, as the Ottomans ruled the Middle East and Southeastern Europe for more than 600 years. Specifically, I have investigated the military frontier between the Ottomans and the Habsburg Empire in Hungary in the 17th century. I am currently working on three projects:

  1. First, I am using Ottoman documents and geographic information system (commonly referred to as “GIS”) technologies to develop a map of Ottoman fortifications and transport routes along their Habsburg frontier.
  2. The second is a review of the state of the field of Ottoman military history.
  3. Finally, I am beginning a project on Ottoman immigrants to the Allentown area in the early 20th century.

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