The average federal loan debt for the Class of 2022 is $23,591.

In 2019, 0.7% of Muhlenberg Students were considered to be in default on their student loans.

  • How do I determine if I took loans and who my servicer is?
    • Students can view their loan history by logging into their account at with their FSA ID and password. There will be a listing of all their current Federal Direct Loans.  The loan servicer will be listed for each loan, along with their contact phone numbers and websites.
  • Loan Exit Counseling needs to be completed by all graduates. This will provide important information about repaying loans and repayment options.

Managing Student Loan Repayment and to Avoid Default

Contact your loan servicers and know what you owe.

Your loan servicer is the company you are responsible for repaying your student loan to. Muhlenberg College is not your loan servicer—we are the “middle man” that receives the loan money to post to your account. You will want to contact the servicer and create an account on their webpage.  Through your online account with your servicer you can make payments, set up your repayment plan, view your balance and interest, etc.

The repayment plan you choose, should be one that fits your budget.

There are many repayment plans out there: Standard Repayment Plan, Graduated Repayment Plan, Pay As You Earn, Income-Driven Repayment Plan, ect. Find the one that best fits your budget and lifestyle. You can contact your loan servicer for more information on each plan and they will help you find the right plan for you.

Loan forgiveness may be an option for you!

Besides the One-time Federal Loan Debt Retief Program, there are many federal and state loan forgiveness programs. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is mostly for people working in public service, nursing, teaching, and other high-need fields. Your debt can be greatly reduced or even eliminated by these programs.

Don’t be afraid to pay off your loans early!

Have a few extra dollars left at the end of the month? Put them towards your loans! There is no penalty for paying off your loans early, and you will greatly appreciate the benefit of doing so.

Do not ignore your loans.

Loan debt will not disappear and defaulting is a serious thing! Defaulting on a loan can greatly impact your credit score, increase loan costs (due to late fees, interest, collection fees). Stay informed! This will greatly lower your risk of defaulting. It is never too early to start repaying your loans or learning about the loans you have.

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