Introduction to Economic Analysis


ISBN 160049000X

R. Preston McAfee


Tracy Lewis

Duke University

Donald Dale

Muhlenberg College

Here is the most recent edition of Introduction to Economic Analysis, a free, open sourced, creative-commons-licensed textbook for introductory and intermediate microeconomics. I plan to put up minor edits and small revisions without announcements; for major edits or amendments, I plan to keep old versions on this site alongside the current version.

Current Version

Preston McAfee’s website for this text is here

Major changes from the McAfee/Lewis pdf version:


Do you have any material you’d like to incorporate into the text? Have you found errors? Please let me know!


Adoptions (not all links guaranteed to be current):

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Satyajit Bose's ourse at Columbia
Hsueh-Ling Huynh's Ec 1011a at Harvard
Hao Li's course at U Toronto
Simon Wilkie's Class Website
Roy Radner's course syllabus at NYU
Angelo Zago plans to use the text at Verona University
Tom Andrews' course syllabus at West Chester U
Nicolas Schmitt's course syllabus at Simon Fraser
Michelle Goeree's course syllabus at Claremont McKenna
Eduardo Zambrano's course at Cal Poly.

Introduction to Economic Analysis by Preston McAfee, Tracy Lewis, Donald Dale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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