Class of 2023

June Advising will take place during five days set aside in June for incoming first-year students and their families to get to know the Lehigh Valley, the Muhlenberg campus and faculty, and future classmates and friends. The dates for the Class of 2023 are June 4, 6, 10, 12, 13.

Prepare for Your June Advising Visit

  • In early May, expect a letter from Bruce Anderson, Dean of Academic Life.  Included with this letter will be a packet of information for both you and your parents.  

    -We believe that most of your questions will be answered by the materials in this packet.  However, if you
      have any questions, please call Lori Flatto at 484-664-3130.
  • You will also receive information regarding health forms from the Health Center.  If you do not receive the information by May 20, please call 484-664-3130.

                                                                                               June Advising Checklist 
  1. Return the postcard by May 20 and read through Welcome to Muhlenberg (link will be added in early May).

    Complete the rsvp postcard on the front of the booklet that you received by mail and return it to the college by May 20 to ensure your appointment or call the office at 484-664-3130 to reschedule your day, if necessary. Highlight that day on your calendar and call the office as soon as possible should any conflicts arise.

  2. Examine the First Year Seminars being offered. (Link will be added in early May) 

    First-year students are required to roster one First-Year Seminar, either in the fall or the spring semester. Carefully read each description in the First-Year Seminars Brochure‌ and choose eight seminars.  Rank your eight choices in order of your preference.  Make sure that you would be comfortable taking all of your eight selected seminars. (If you are a Muhlenberg Scholar, DANA Scholar or RJ Fellow, you will be pre-assigned to the appropriately designated First-Year Seminar.)

  3. Familiarize yourself with the General Academic Requirements for the Class of 2023.

    All students must enroll in PPD 050: Foundations of Student Success, which is a non-credit graduation requirement designed to develop an understanding of one’s holistic well-being.  We will explore topics around your personal development, career development and understanding of your community responsibilities as well as support services and campus initiatives to enhance your ability to thrive within the Muhlenberg community and beyond. Students may take PPD 060: Professional Identity and Networking in place of this course. More information and application may be found here. (Applications start May 1) 

    Taking a course that fulfills a requirement is a great idea.  You are not only completing a graduation requirement but also gaining insight into which topics you might like to pursue even further.  Note:  If you have taken a College Board Achievement Test, Advanced Placement Test or International Baccalaureate exam or believe that you can demonstrate the required level of your proficiency in a subject area, see “Exemptions from Requirements” in the Welcome To Muhlenberg booklet.  If you have any questions about proficiency level, please contact the department chair or talk with a representative from the department during June Advising. Possible exemptions and/or credit may be granted.

  4. Look at the Courses for First Year Students list‌ and build a list of courses that interest you.‌ (Link will be added in early May) 

    For further descriptions, consult the Muhlenberg Course Catalog. Pick four (4) preferred courses (including a seminar and a foreign language) and three alternate courses from the list.  Write these selections down and bring them with you to your advising session. The College suggests that incoming students take four courses during their first semester. However, you may register for the maximum of four and a half course units to include special experiences like Applied Music or Dance which are half units. Be certain to choose some alternate courses in the event that your first choices are unavailable.

  5. Complete the on-line placement questionnaires and exams from April 20 to May 19.

    -Complete the online Mathematics Placement Questionnaire and Exam
    -Complete the online Foreign Language Placement Questionnaire and Exam