The Muhlenberg Mentor Network


The Muhlenberg Network is now live! Learn more about the program and how you can join the network at

Interested First Year students should complete the application and can register for the pilot course during June Advising.  Application process is completed.

The Muhlenberg Mentor Network is an exciting, new initiative at Muhlenberg; one that advances the mission of the College by assisting students to develop their emerging personal and professional identities through learning experiences and through the development of connections with alumni, parents, faculty and staff.

This distinctive undergraduate program is built upon a student-focused curriculum that supports the development of personal and professional identity and teaches students the essential skills needed to build and sustain an empowering mentor network. Activities and assignments are designed to connect students to trained mentors who are members of the global Muhlenberg community. The Muhlenberg Mentor Network program supports the College’s liberal arts mission to “educate the whole person through experiences within and beyond the classroom.”

”Muhlenberg College has always been a learning community in which individuals help one another to achieve powerful life and career outcomes,” said President John I. Williams, Jr..  “I’m tremendously excited about how the Muhlenberg Mentor Network will continue and extend that rich tradition,” he said.

A pilot program is being offered to the members of the Class of 2021.  Newly matriculated students may apply to participate in this program during June Advising. Up to 80 first year students will participate in the pilot. Students in the pilot program will enroll in a noncredit semester long course titled Developing Your Professional Identity and Network as an alternative to the required Principles of Fitness and Wellness course. The course description is below:

PED 180: Developing Your Professional Identity and Network

How do passion and interests translate to personal development and career pathways? How is your professional identity shaped by your roles and responsibilities in the college community? What is the value of a mentor network in helping you develop and shape your professional identity? How can you showcase and integrate academic and co-curricular accomplishments to help you achieve your career objectives?  During this course students will explore these questions through assignments, workshop activities, and mentor network opportunities.

Through readings, class assignments, and mentor network activities, students will:

  • Identify their strengths, passions, and areas for improvement

  • Reflect on how their skills, interests, and passions align with specific career fields

  • Develop their understanding of professional etiquette and social media presence

  • Learn how to navigate networking conversations of various types



For more information, please contact Jenna Azar or Ryan Smolko at or