The Workday Student project will continue to run from January 2020 through  Fall 2021.   Throughout this timeframe, there are several stages, each with many steps/deliverables.  Following is an abbreviated high-level version of the project plan.


The project is broken out into five distinct categories. Each distinct category area has unique deliverables and is managed by Muhlenberg subject matter experts in that line of business.

Academic Foundation – This is the foundational structure of the Workday Student system. It incorporates the building blocks for Workday Student. The foundation begins with our Academic units and defines where faculty teach, the levels of coursework (undergraduate/ graduate), the academic calendars (when courses are taught), the type of credentials we offer (bachelors, masters, certificates), and the major and minor programs we offer.  Within workday, those majors and minors are called the Programs of Study and are a significant building block.

Recruiting and Admissions – We will continue to use Slate as our admissions system, however, Workday will seamlessly integrate with Slate allowing students to perform select onboarding and admissions tasks in Workday.

Records and Advising – All tasks pertaining to a student’s academic record such as courses, grades, transcripts, and graduation processing fall under the Records and Advising category. 

Financial Aid – We will continue to use PowerFAIDS for Financial Aid processing and disbursements which will integrate with Workday. Information from PowerFAIDS will feed into Workday providing a comprehensive picture of a student’s account.

Student Financials – Students will have full access to their account information including charges, deposits, payments, and financial-related communications within Workday.  


Currently, we have just finished up gathering and providing the data for the foundational structure of the system.  The project team is eagerly anticipating the completion of Workset#2 at the end of February 2020. Once Workset#2 is complete the Muhlenberg team will be able to see what the system screen layout looks like with current Muhlenberg data.  During this time, the Organizational Change and Training team will be finalizing their change impact analysis and will begin to communicate these changes to faculty, staff, and students. 

Our first Workday Student major milestone will occur in November 2020 with the foundational pieces of the student system live in Workday. This will mainly include back-office functions for the registrar's office, business office, admissions office...

Faculty will have access to training information in the form of job aids and instructor-led training, and open labs late 2020 through early 2021.

Demonstrations of various functionality will begin in Summer 2020.

Faculty will have access to Workday February 2021 to view advisees and begin advising processes.

Students will have access to Workday June 2021 to view and update their personal and contact information, view their schedules and view billing information, among other processes.