There are 4 entities involved in the Muhlenberg College Workday Implementation


Workday will handle limited duties during the implementation.  They will be primarily involved during the HCM implementation to provide guidance to the community and the various tenants that the College will be using during the implementation.


Mercer is the Workday Implementation partner Muhlenberg has chosen.  Mercer has worked with many clients on successful Workday implementations.  The individuals assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project are as follows:

Project Management
Allan Swamynathan
Dave Megregian

Human Capital Management
Caleb Zimmick
Beth McKenna
Andy Dominick
Cole Lampman
Lawrence Nanan
Jeffrey Curran
Urouge Akhter
Lakshmi Ravi

Christopher Scott

Stephen Murphy

Bhaskar Reddy

Data Conversion
Bryan Padilla



Attain has been selected to provide project management services for Muhlenberg.  Attain will work on behalf of Muhlenberg to manage the project.  They will work closely with Mercer to ensure the project is meeting it's deadlines and schedule meetings with the necessary Muhlenberg personnel.  The Attain individuals assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project include:

Project Management
Steve Elder
Anthony Agnone


Individuals currently involved in the project include:

Human Resources
Anne Speck
Johany Piris-Santiago

Ellen Pothering
Jason Feiertag

Allan Chen
Tom Roth
Joe Schmidt