There are four entities involved in the Muhlenberg College Workday Implementation


Workday will handle limited duties during the implementation.  They will be primarily engaged to guide the community. 

Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative Solutions is the Workday Implementation partner Muhlenberg has chosen.  Collaborative Solutions was Muhlenberg's partner during the last half of the finance implementation and has continued to partner with them for Workday Student.  The Collaborative individuals assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project include:


Executive Sponsor

Lynn Hurley

Project Sponsor

Paul Goliber - Portfolio Director

Engagement Manager

Murkin Martinez


Principal Consultants

Beth Lindsay - Curriculum Management

Angela Johnson  - Financial Aid

Ethan Powell - Student Records

Michele Calvin - Data Conversion

Steve Jarosz - Integrations


Lead Consultants

David Van Maren - Integrations

Derek Ball - Financial Aid

Jeff Zawoysky - Student Records, Academic Advising

Peter Prusak - Reporting

Scott Souther - Data Conversion

Sofia Yohannes - Admissions

Terry Thomas - Testing

Stacy Mills - Student Financials

Tonya Gray - Organizational Change & Training


Change Architect

Elana Rae Schultz - Organizational Change & Traning


Functional Architect

Derek Ball - Student Core 




Attain has been selected to provide project management services for Muhlenberg.  Attain will work on behalf of Muhlenberg to manage the project.  They will work closely with Collaborative solutions to ensure the project is meeting its deadlines and schedule meetings with the necessary Muhlenberg personnel.  The Attain individuals assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project include:

Executive Sponsor 

John O'Neill 

Project Sponsor

Sam Burgio

Project Management

Sarah Soldinger


The Muhlenberg Steering Committee  assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project are as follows:


Executive Sponsors

Bruce Anderson - Interim Provost 

Rob Springall - Vice President of Enrollment Management

Kent Dyer - Chief Business Officer & Treasurer

Tim Foley - Interim Chief Information Office

Project Sponsor

Deborah Tamte-Horan - Registrar

Tom Roth Director, - Enterprise Applications



To ensure the success of the project, a functional and oversight committee, comprised of various individuals across the institution,  has been established.  The Muhlenberg individuals assigned to the Workday@Muhlenberg project include:

Robert Springall - Vice President of Enrollment Management 

Melissa Falk Dean - Admissions & Financial Aid

Gabriel Hurtado - Enrollment Data Manager & Analyst, Muhlenberg College School of Graduate and Continuing Education

AJ Lemheney, Ed.D., Vice President, and Executive Director,  Muhlenberg College School of Graduate and Continuing Education 

Jane Hudak, M.Ed., Dean,  Muhlenberg College School of Graduate and Continuing Education

Uppinder Mehan Ph.D., Dean, Muhlenberg College School of Graduate and Continuing Education

Lisa Lewis - Director, Director of Advising and Academic Success

Allie Cramer - Administrative Assistant, Dean, Muhlenberg College School of Graduate and Continuing Education

Amy Benninger - Digital Marketing Specialist Office of Financial Aid

Greg Mitton - Director, Office of Financial Aid 

Laura Rasmussen - Senior Associate Director, Business Office

Jason  Feiertag -Chief Budget & Accounting Officer, Student Accounts

Deborah Tamte-Horan - Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Karen Schall - Associate Registrar

Stacy Moran - Student Information Data Specialist

Lorena Nash - Student Data Verification Specialist

Julia Gross - Administrative Assistant

Tina Salgado - Project Manager, Organizational Change & Training

Bruce Anderson - Interim Provost, Provost's Office

David Hallowell - Assistant Dean for Academic Life

Tom Roth - Director, Enterprise Applications Office of Information Technology

Frank Lancsak - Systems Analyst

Anita Regan - Systems Analyst

Amy Jo Glynn - Programmer Analyst