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Ben Folds Returns to Memorial Hall

Ben Folds, singer/songwriter and front man of the alternative rock band Ben Folds Five, will perform a solo show at Muhlenberg College on Saturday, March 29, 2014, in Memorial Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Thu, 20 Mar 2014 10:35:00 EDT

General seating tickets are $25.00, available through 800-594-8499 or

Folds, who has spent the past four years as a judge on NBC’s a-cappella singing competition “The Sing Off,” previously performed at Muhlenberg in 2008.

Perhaps best known for his innovative piano rock, Folds’ music inspired several piano-based bands in the 2000s. He has had several charting songs, including “Battle of Who Could Care Less,” “Brick,” and “Song for the Dumped,” all of which appeared on Ben Folds Five’s 1997 platinum album, “Whatever and Ever Amen.” More recently, the band’s album, “The Sound of the Life of the Mind,” hit the top 10 in 2012.

Folds also achieved success as a solo-artist, performing and touring all over the world. His 2001 solo-album, “Rockin’ the Suburbs,” broke the top 50. In 2008, his song with Regina Spektor, “You Don’t Know Me,” broke the top 30 on some charts.

Additionally, he has collaborated with musicians such as William Shatner and “Weird Al” Yankovich, conducted experimental songwriting projects with authors such as Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman, and contributed music to the soundtracks of Over the Hedge and Hoodwinked!