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2017-18: Troubling Truth

The Center for Ethics will take up the most contested ethical issue of our contemporary moment: the “Truth.” In the age of media manipulations, alternative facts, conspiracy theories and security leaks, how do we reconcile debates surrounding the universality or relativity of truth?

We begin with an interrogation of “truth” and then raise a series of questions: How does history, experience and power craft the way conceptions of “truth” come to exist? How do we define truth, how does it circulate and what tools do we have to expose the shaky foundations of a taken-for-granted world? How do notions of what is “true” foreclose opportunities to expand the way we engage with, conceive of and imagine both our world and each other? How does the seemingly subjective nature of experience, memory and marginalization interact with the seemingly objective nature of facts, data and certainty?

We invite our community to deepen our capacities for ethical reflection and responsible action through an interrogation of “truth” in our modern moment.

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Chris Sistare, Director
Professor, Philosophy
Co-Director, philosophy & political thought
Lora Taub-Pervizpour, Program Director
Associate dean for digital learning
Professor of media & communication
Maura Finkelstein, Program Director
Assistant professor, anthropology