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Faculty Scholarship and Professional Engagement: Fall 2017


  • Mike Huber, Professor of Mathematics, presented "A Discussion of Perspective on Rome's Twin Churches and the Quinto Acuto," at St. Peter's University, NJ, for their golden anniversary celebration of the Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society.
  • Mike Huber, professor of mathematics, had seven chapters appear in "Sportsman's Park in St. Louis: Home of the Browns and Cardinals at Grand and Dodier," published 2017 by SABR, Inc.: Phoenix, AZ.
  • Peter A. Pettit IJCU director and assoc. prof., Religion Studies, moderated a talk-back with writer/actor Aaron Davidman at the Interfaith Night presentation of "Wrestling Jerusalem" at the Philadelphia Theatre Company.
  • Linda McGuire and Cathy Kim Linda McGuire and Cathy Kim (director and assistant director of Muhlenberg's Faculty Center for Teaching) attended the Professional & Organizational Network Development Conference, entitled 'Defining What Matters: Understanding and Enhancing the Impact of Educational Development' in Montreal, Can

Alumni & Development

  • Congratulations to these Mules on their National Philanthropy Day Awards: Rebekkah L. Brown '99 - Outstanding Fundraising Executive; Edward M. Davis, Jr. '60 and Anne Davis - Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser; Dr. Lona M. Farr '62, P'94, ACFRE - Award of Distinction for a Fundraising Professional Read More


  • Benjamin Carter On October 14, Ben Carter, asst. professor of anthropology, and Weston Conner '18 presented "Complex Guancavilca Landscapes: Investigations with Open Tools" at the 36th Northeast Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory held at the UPenn Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology

Art Studio

  • Emily Orzech, assistant professor of art, & alumna Dawn Kramlich exhibit new prints and sculptures during their open studio as part of the citywide POST Philadelphia. The open studio runs from 12-6 on October 8 at studio 215, Crane Arts Building, 1400 N American Stin Philadelphia. All are welcome. Read More
  • Frederick Wright Jones Frederick Wright Jones, assistant professor of art, debuts his installation "WIEDER GROSS" at Lafayette College. Jones will conduct an artist talk on his work and the installation on Sep 20. Read More
  • Emily Orzech, assistant professor of art, had works selected by Clair Gilman, chief curator of the Drawing Center, for inclusion in the Great Lakes Drawing Biennial. The show will be held at Eastern Michigan University Gallery, School of Art & Design, Yipsilanti, MI from Sep 6 through Oct 11.


  • Peter Saenger, Acopian ornithological specialist, hosted a visit and tour of William Allen High School students studying zoology. The students explored Muhlenberg facilities, including a viewing of the College's polar bear specimens.
  • Biology students Emily Davidson '18, Thomas Yanushefski '17, Julia Leep-Lazar '18 and Samantha Stuppi '18 presented a research seminar on Lehigh Valley tick-borne pathogens at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Vector Control Association in State College, PA
  • Susanna Birnbaum, Shari Bodofsky, Francine Koitz, Katarina Liberatore, Susanna Birnbaum '18, Shari Bodofsky '18, Francine Koitz '19 and Katarina Liberatore '19, mentored by Bruce Wightman, professor of biology, presented on the molecular genetics of animal development at the 2017 UMBC symposium on undergraduate research in the chemical and biological sciences.
  • Bruce Wightman, professor of biology, Shari Bodofksy '18 and Francine Koitz '19 published a review article in the journal Nuclear Receptor Research entitled "Conserved and Exapted Functions of Nuclear Receptors in Animal Development." Read More
  • Daniel Klem and Peter Saenger Dan Klem, Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology & Conservation, presented a lecture with materials prepared by Peter Saenger, Acopian Ornithological Specialist, at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.
  • Daniel Klem Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology & Conservation Biology Daniel Klem will present Bird/Window Collisions: Historical Research & Contemporary Solutions at a joint meeting of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club and Audubon PA at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University on Oct 5Read More

Business Administration

  • Roland Kushner Roland J Kushner, associate professor of business presented 'An Impact Model for a Nonprofit Health Index' to the annual Independent Sector meeting in Detroit on Oct 26.
  • Roland Kushner Research by Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, is highlighted in the curre nt issue of "The Voice," the quarterly publication of Chorus America. The article features findings from his recent study "Choral Conductors Today: An Updated Study." Read More
  • Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, made a presentation on 'Lehigh Valley Nonprofits: Opportunities and Challenges' to the Update program at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem on October 4.
  • Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, is the author of 'Choral Conductors Today: An Updated Report,' published by Chorus America. The 2017 report is the successor to a similar research project that Kushner wrote for Chorus America in 2005. Read More
  • Holmes Miller, professor of business, was co-author of the paper 'The Precautionary Principle: A More Granular Approach,' which was presented earlier this month at the 29th International Conference on System Research, Informatics & Cybernetics, in Baden-Baden, Germany.


  • Sherri Young, assistant professor of chemistry, presented a poster titled "Synthesis and study of peptoid-based blood-brain barrier shuttles" at the 10th Peptoid Summit, held at the Molecular Foundry in Berkeley, CA on August 10-11.

Computer Science

  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, will serve on the leader team for the Professors Open Source Software Experience (POSSE) workshop from Nov 16-18 at Red Hat Inc, Raleigh, NC.
  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, led a one-day workshop on Nov 4 at Heidelberg University in Ohio on Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL).
  • Andy Martin and Adam Cantor, the Muhlenberg College team, took third place out of a field of 19 teams in a student programming contest at the 33rd CCSC-Eastern Computer Science Conference over the weekend. This year the conference was hosted by Muhlenberg College.
  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is attending the CMU Summit on CS Education, Oct 2-3 in Pittsburgh. The summit explores the challenges of rapidly increasing undergraduate interest in computing.


  • Jim Bloom 'Reading the Male Gaze in Literature and Culture: Studies in Erotic Epistemology' by James D. Bloom, professor of English, will be published this week by Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Grant Scott, professor of English, was featured as a round-table speaker on Keats's Afterlives at a Fordham University symposium on the bicentennial of the poet's first volume. His talk was entitled, "Erasing Schultz, Restoring Keats: Jonathan Safron Foer's 'Tree of Codes' and Negative Capability.
  • Jill Stephen and David Rosenwasser, professors of English and co-directors of the writing program, made two presentations at Indiana University - Bloomington on Monday, October 2. Read More
  • Tom Cartelli has recently had an essay titled "The Speaking Silence of Citizens in Shakespeare's Richard III: Hidden and Public Transcripts" published as a chapter in Chris Fitter (ed), Shakespeare & the Politics of Commoners: Digesting the New Social History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017).
  • Tom Cartelli, professor of English & film studies, contributed 'Disassembly, Montage and Meaning-Making in Annie Dorsen's A Piece of Work: a machine-made Hamlet (2013)' to a seminar on Avant-garde Shakespeare at the European Shakespeare Research Association’s biannual meeting in July in Poland.
  • Grant Scott, Professor of English, published the essay, 'Keats and Sociability,' in the volume 'John Keats in Context' (Cambridge UP, 2017).


  • Julie Shoults, part-time lecturer in German, presented her paper "Writing the Cultural Memory of East Germany through Women's 'Interviewliteratur'" as part of a seminar on German Life Writing at the German Studies Association Conference in Atlanta, GA.


  • Daniel J. Wilson, professor of history, presented 'Polio Care in the Epidemic Years' at a conference of the Pennsylvania Polio Network held in Doylestown, PA in Aug. The presentations was simulcast in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh and streamed on the Internet.

Inst. for Jewish-Christian Understanding

  • Peter A. Pettit Director, IJCU, and Assoc. Prof., Rel. Studies, presented a roundtable talk at N Arizona Univ in a symposium on "Strangers or Neighbors: Abrahamic Perspectives on Refugees," and was a featured participant in a dialogue on Christian engagement with Israel at Grace Lutheran Church, River Forest, IL.
  • Peter A. Pettit, IJCU director and assoc. prof., Religion Studies, recently delivered the 24th annual Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher lecture at Seton Hall University on "Ecclesia Semper Reformanda: Old and New Questions for Christians and Jews."
  • Peter A. Pettit was scholar-in-residence for a study trip to Israel and Palestine for Protestant seminary faculty, and co-led an In terfaith Partners 4 Peace study trip focusing on race relations in Israel.

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

  • Daniel Leisawitz, on Oct. 25, will present a talk at the Center for Jewish History in NYC, entitled "Io so' jodìo romano: The Jewish-Roman Dialect Inside & Outside the Ghetto" as part of the Rome Lab Series, held in collaboration with the Primo Levi Center, Yeshiva Univesity, and Università di Roma La Sapienza. Read More

Lectures & Forums

  • Dr. Kate Ranieri (Media/Comm) & Susan Falciani (Trexler Library) are presenting at the third annual Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research. National Workshop in Washington DC., Sept 7 to 9, 2017.


  • Eugene Fiorini, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented a series of talks on mathematical forensics and summer research opportunities at Appalachian State University.
  • Eugene Fiorini, Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented the plenary talk "Challenges of Researching Integer Sequences Using the OEIS" at the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of American Fall conference. Read More
  • Eugene Fiorini Muhlenberg students Jimmy Hahn, Krystal Hall , Dan DeRemigi, Hayley Peterson and Noah Fulcomer accompanied Eugene Fiorini, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, to Casa Guadalupe, a non-profit community-based organization meeting the needs of Lehigh Valley families at economic risk. Read More
  • Byungchul Cha "Quadratic Forms and Their Berggren Trees," submitted by Byungchul Cha, associate professor of mathematics, Emily Nguyen '16 and Brandon Tauber '15, was accepted for publication by the Journal of Number Theory.
  • Eugene Fiorini, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented his current research on integer sequences associated with the Catalan triangle at the University of Delaware Combinatorics Seminar.

Media and Communication

  • John Sullivan, professor of media and communication, was an invited presenter on a panel entitled Fact, False, or Just Flawed: Critically Examining News in the Age of Truthiness at the conference of the Delaware Valley Chapter of Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) at the University of Pennsylvania on November 17.
  • David Tafler, professor of media & communication, served as a faculty fellow in the Television Academy Foundation’s 2017 Faculty Seminar Program. Members of the Television Academy selected just 25 professors from colleges and universities nationwide for the annual program.
  • Elizabeth Nathanson, associate professor of media & communication, presented Babies at Breast: Pedagogy, New Media Flows, and the Politics of Breastfeeding at the American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Chicago.
  • Aggie Bazaz, assistant professor of media & communication, gave an invited talk at United Friends School of Quakertown entitled 'Ser y Estar (To Be and To Be): Documentary Engagements on Home & Belonging.'
  • Jeff Pooley, associate professor of media & communication, presented “Open Media Scholarship: The Case for Open Access in Media Studies” at O3S: Open Scholarship for the Social Sciences in College Park, MD.
  • Jeff Pooley, associate professor of media & communication, presented “Open Media Scholarship: The Case for Open Access in Media Studies” at O3S: Open Scholarship for the Social Sciences in College Park, MD.
  • Susan Kahlenberg, associate professor of media & communication, published a chapter in and co-authored the intro to "Heroes, Heroines, and Everything in Between: Challenging Gender and Sexuality Stereotypes in Children's Entertainment Media." Read More
  • David Tafler, professor of media & communication and film studies, presented: 'Human Agency and media effects: Mobilizing Somatic Performative documentary to combat climate change,' at the Visible Evidence XXIV International Conference on Documentary Film and Media in Buenos Aires, August 3, 2017.
  • Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, assistant professor of media & communication, presented her performance ethnography work in a two-part interactive workshop, 'Cartographies of Participatory Media,’ at the Visible Evidence XXIV International Conference on Documentary Film & Media in Buenos Aires, August 2017.
  • Irene Chien, assistant professor of media & communication, published a chapter titled 'Journey into the Techno-Primitive Desert' in the book 'Gaming Representation, Race, Gender and Sexuality in Video Games.' Read More

Multicultural Life

  • Tom Janis, director of the office of international student support, presented at the Region XI NAFSA conference in New Hampshire last week on adapting to institutional change in international higher education.


  • Douglas Ovens, professor of music, will have multiple performances of his four-hand piano work, Sempre Forte (except when not) this month. Read More
  • Andrew Ardizzoia Variations on a Filipino Melod, a composition by Andrew Ardizzoia, assistant professor of music, was premiered by Trio Najmaby and the Filharmonica Tresigallo in Ferrara, Italy on Sep 15. The performers are recent graduates from Italy's top conservatories and are actively touring Europe.


  • Marcia Morgan, associate professor of philosophy, published a chapter titled 'Agnes Heller and the Kantian Imaginary' in the edited volume 'Critical Theories and the Budapest School: Politics, Culture, Modernity' (Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought) ed. John Rundell & Jonathan Pic Read More
  • Marcia Morgan, associate professor of philosophy, served as moderator and discussant for a panel on 'Adorno: Reason, Prejudice, and Neoliberalism' at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy on October 21 in Memphis, Tenn.

Political Science

  • Chris Herrick and Jorge Reyes Silveyra presented a co-authored paper entitled “The Shifting Rhetoric of Chinese Foreign Policy” at the annual conference of the Northeastern Political Science Ass ociation in Philadelphia on Nov 10. Read More
  • Chris Borick, professor of political science, will lead the Lötter Fellow-Capstone Research Project for the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation beginning this fall. Read More
  • Mohsin Hashim, professor of political science and director of the Dana Scholars honors program, published 'Putin’s High-Modernism and its Limits - Assessing the Sources of State Incapacity in Russia' in Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Vol. 50, Issue 3: 195-205.


  • Kathy Harring showcased the work of the Muhlenberg Digital Learning Team in her presentation ‘Institutional Structures That Encourage Innovation,’ for the Counsel of Independent Colleges Institute conference for Chief Academic and Chief Student Affairs Officers. Read More
  • Kathy Harring, provost, was a panelist for the closing plenary, 'Assessing the Performance of Consortial Work by Assessing Stakeholder Needs and Interests,' at the Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL) conference. Read More


  • Jonathan Lassiter ‘Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation,’ the book of Jonathan Lassiter, assistant professor of psychology, will be the subject of a Talks at the Schomburg panel at the New York Public Library on Tuesday, October 24, 2017."
  • Jonathan Lassiter, assistant professor of psychology, and Steven Smith, Jr. ’19 presented ‘Predominately White Institutions as Extensions of the Criminal Justice System: Policing Black Male Bodies Through Invisibility and Hypervisibility,’ at the Diversity Challenge Conference at Boston College.
  • Jonathan Lassiter, assistant professor of psychology, was recently awarded with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's 2017 Achievement Award. He accepted the award on Saturday, Sept 16 at the association's annual conference, where he also presented on an invited panel about Black LGBT health. Read More
  • Jonathan Lassiter, assistant professor of psychology, presents on a panel at Johns Hopkins University on October 6 about his book 'Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.'

Religion Studies

  • Peter Pettit, associate professor of religion studies and director of the IJCU, will deliver the 24th Annual Monsignor John. M. Oesterreicher Memorial Lecture on 'Semper Reformanda at 500: Old and New Questions for Christians and Jews,' on Oct 26 at Seton Hall University. Read More
  • Peter A. Pettit penned the cover story for the August 30 issue of Christian Century, "How new is the new Christian Zionism?" Read More

Staff Activities

  • Phedra Henninger presented the training and documentation session "Ready, Set, Google!" at the ACM SIGUCCS 2017 Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington. SIGUCCS is an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services. Read More


  • Sharrell Luckett Sharrell Luckett, assistant professor of theatre & performance studies, was a guest scholar/artist at Princeton University, Marymount Manhattan College and the University of Missouri-Columbia. She discussed her research in fat studies and acting/directing theory and facilitated Master Classes.
  • Sharrell D. Luckett, assistant professor of theatre, recently served as Dramaturg for 'Ruined' by Lynn Nottage at Hattiloo Theatre in Memphis, TN. This production was the first play mounted under the leadership of acclaimed Broadway playwright Katori Hall (artistic director).


  • Blake Chernin '19 & Pierce Lockett '19 presented Writing Center research "Thinking through Laughter: Understanding Humor in the Writing Center" a t the International Writing Centers Association Conference, Nov 11 to 13, in Chicago.
  • Michelle Blazewicz '18 & Ayanna Costley '19 presented Writing Center research "Tutoring to Technology: Examining the Laptop as a Third Presence" at the International Writing Centers Association Conference, Nov 11 to 13, in Chicago.
  • Paige Harrington '18 & Genevieve Wall '18 presented Writing Center research "Agreement or Override: Revising the Agenda during a Session" at the International Writing Centers Association Conference, Nov 11 to 13, in Chicago.
  • Eric Jovinelly '18 & Kelly Shannon '18 presented Writing Center research "Encoding Gendered Scaffolding in the Tutorial Session" at the International Writing Centers Association Conference, Nov 11 to 13 , in Chicago.