Counseling Services

Medical Withdrawal of a Course(s)


A student must provide documentation supporting an illness, injury or disorder from an appropriate authority. The documentation is to be submitted to the Director of Student Health Services if it is a physical issue or to the Director of Counseling Services if it is of a psychological nature. If appropriate, the respective Director will provide the student with a Medical Withdrawal of Course form to be signed by the student’s academic advisor. Once the student has obtained their advisor’s signature, s/he must submit the form to the Registrar. A grade of “W” will appear on the transcript.

All requests for medical withdrawals of a course must be made by the last day of class in the semester. The college does not allow for a retroactive drop of a single course.


  • Student must initiate the process using the Medical Withdrawal of Course form and provide verification of illness or injury:
    • from psychiatrist/psychotherapist to the Director of Counseling Services, or
    • from a physician to the Director of Health Services, who will act on behalf of the College.
  • The documentation must be generated from a non-family member and /or friend.
  • The Director of Counseling or Health Services determines that compelling reasons exist for a reduction in the student’s schedule.
  • Student then meets with her/his academic advisor(s) to discuss the impact that withdrawing from the designated course may have on the student’s academic progress. If the above course is the only remaining course for this academic semester, this form is not valid. The student must then return to the Director of Counseling or Health Services to process the Medical Leave of Absence. Students will not be given withdrawals that places them below three units for the semester.
  • The student delivers the completed form to the Registrar, who will provide form for distribution and notification of professors.