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End-of-Semester Evaluations

Below are some examples of the ways in which Muhlenberg Faculty supplement standard course evaluations (i.e., SIRs) to get feedback and improve instruction.

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Diane Follet, Music

Click here for Diane's "Activities Poll" and here for her end-of-semester questionnaire.

Mark Stein, History

Click here for a form that Mark uses in his classes.

Kathy Harring, Psychology

Click here for the form that Kathy uses in her statistics class, here for the form used in Experimental Psychology and here for her Psychology of Women evaluation.

James Park, Spanish

"I distribute this via e-mail the week before we do the evals in class, to give students time to do it/think about it/print it out and bring to class on the day of evaluations - I bring extras in hard copy in case they forget."

Click here for a copy of the Word file.

Mark Sciutto, Psychology

"I distribute these in advance by e-mail and students bring a printed copy to class on the day I distribute the SIRs (to give them time to think and to preserve anonymity).  Recently I have included alternative closed-ended and open-ended questions pertaining specifically to my course goals as outlined in the syllabus." 

Click herefor an example from my First Year Seminar.

Chrysan Cronin, Biology

Click here for the form that Chrys uses in her Concepts of Biology class and here for the form she uses in Applied Physiology