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Mid-Semester Evaluations

Below are some examples of the ways in which Muhlenberg Faculty use mid-semester evaluations to get feedback and improve instruction.

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Connie Wolfe, Psychology

"Attached is a mid semester course eval I sometimes use. It is generic. I revise it by adding questions to fit the class. I like to prod them to think about their own actions/inactions with respect to how class is going. I usually get good responses to that (e.g., I could participate more. I could do the readings sooner.)" Click here for attached Word file.

Jim Bloom, English

Click here for Word documents

Pearl Rosenberg, Education

"I usually allow twice as much space for answers." This is a condensed list of questions for colleagues to see. Click here to view Word document.

Alan Tjeltveit, Psychology

Click here for one form. Here is another.

Holmes Miller, Business

Click here for Word document