Health Center

Muhlenberg College Student Health Services Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Muhlenberg College Student Health Services is dedicated to working in partnership with the college community in supporting the mission of Muhlenberg College.  The Health Services mission is to promote the health and well-being of the students, thereby enhancing their lives as members of the Muhlenberg College Community.  In striving to consistently fulfill our mission, it is essential to have a collegial, pluralistic working environment for the staff of Health Services, recognizing the contributions of each individual.

In its role as primary provider of health care delivery for the students at Muhlenberg College, the staff is committed to the development of innovative, effective, and holistic programs and services in an effort to heal, to educate, and to care.


  • Provide confidential and accessible primary health care services.
  • Provide public health services, including but not limited to:  HIV testing, tuberculosis screening, and the provision of selected immunizations.
  • Provide health education and outreach programs to promote awareness of health issues and opportunities for behavior change consistent with health maintenance.
  • Provide advocacy which is consistent with professional ethics and responsibilities.
  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental health services environment which respects and affirms individual differences and cultural diversity.
  • Develop an atmosphere which supports making informed choices about personal and community health optimizing one’s ability to become educated recipients of healthcare.

Revised 10/2006


We will be guided by and promote a philosophy of care which provides: optimal standards of care; the development of a relationship between the student and health center staff for provision of assessment and treatment of health issues; recognition and use of health care resources within the community to improve student healthcare needs

We will be “student centered” providing an atmosphere where the student feels comfortable and trusts the staff with his/her health care issues.  Inherent in this is the maintenance of confidentiality.

We will be committed to quality improvement, including implementation of quality assurance tools and attendance at continuing medical education workshops.

We will maintain a work environment which attracts quality professionals.