Human resources



If you have been appointed to a full-time position (year-round or academic year), you and your dependents or a qualified domestic partner are eligible to enroll in any of the College group health insurance plans on the first of the month following your date of employment. If you do not enroll during your first thirty days of employment, you may enroll during our annual January open enrollment period. If your spouse is employed elsewhere and has health insurance available, the College expects that your spouse’s employer will provide their health insurance coverage. However, if you elect to cover a working spouse, you may do so by paying a supplemental premium. See the Human Resources Office for details.

If you do not require health insurance, you must sign a waiver indicating your understanding of your eligibility and noting your alternative health insurance coverage.

The College offers a choice of health care plans. You pay your share (approximately 20%) through monthly or biweekly payroll deductions. The amount of the deduction is determined by the plan you select and the number of people you cover. Your deduction is taken before taxes are calculated to reduce your tax burden.

During any month when you do not receive any pay from the College but wish to remain enrolled, you are responsible for paying the entire premium (100%) to the College. (An exception is made for individuals taking a Family Medical Leave or receiving payment while out on Worker’s Compensation.) You may pay by check at the beginning of the month. Checks should be made payable to Muhlenberg College and submitted to the Vice President of Human Resources. Current premium information is available in the Human Resources Office. Full-time academic year employees may continue their health insurance coverage during the summer months by paying the usual employee portion of the health insurance premium.