Human resources



Reasonable written notice of separation of at least two weeks is expected so that you and/or the College may have time to make adjustments. If you leave College employment, you are required to have an exit interview with the Vice President of Human Resources. A record is established which shows the reason for separation, that College property has been returned, and that final arrangements for pay and benefit privileges have been completed.

The controller will be authorized to pay any amount due to you up to the time of your separation. It will be paid to you on the next scheduled pay day. If you have received pay for days you have not worked, or benefit premiums paid on your behalf, you will be required to repay the College for these expenses.

Your benefit coverage at College expense will continue through the last day of the month in which your employment ends. You may be eligible to continue your participation in the College group health plan under federal legislation (known as COBRA) or you may convert the college plan to an individual policy. You must complete forms and make arrangements to pay the full premiums plus a 2% administration fee in the Human Resources Office.

Your options about continuing such benefits as life insurance will be explained by the Vice President of Human Resources during the exit interview.

Unused sick leave credits are automatically canceled when you separate from the College. Such credits are not restored if you are later re-employed at the College.