Human resources



When you are out sick, you will be paid as long as you have accumulated sick days available. Your accumulation of sick credit hours will be reduced by the amount of time reported absent. The dollar amount of your sick pay will equal your current hourly rate of pay times the number of hours you normally are scheduled to work on the day of absence. If you are out sick for more days than you have accumulated, you will not be paid for those days.

After six months of sickness/disability leave, you may receive payment from the College's insurance carrier if you qualify for disability benefits. Please see the Benefits Sections entitled LONG TERM DISABILITY for details.

In those cases where a future "disability" is known, such as a planned surgery or childbirth, you should submit a statement from a physician to the Manager of Employment & Benefits. The statement should indicate the expected date(s) of your absence and when you may be expected to perform your normal duties both before and after the disability. In the absence of a physician's statement, or if there is any question about the advisability of your continuing active work, the matter may be referred by the Manager of Employment & Benefits to a College-appointed physician for final determination. If you expect to have elective or cosmetic surgery, you are expected to coordinate the timing with your supervisor so that the needs of the department are considered.

You may use sick leave for your own personal illness, injury, childbirth, or while you are under medical or dental care which precludes your working. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you also may be eligible to a special leave of absence if your presence is required to care for a sick family member. See the Human Resources office for details. You are expected to report your absence from work due to illness each day that you are sick. Give the reason for the absence and the date you expect to return. Failure to provide reasonable notice of your absence to your supervisor is considered willful misconduct and may result in termination of your employment. If you are absent without reporting your absence for three consecutive days, you will be considered to have abandoned your job and will have to re-apply for employment.

If you are unable to arrange medical or dental appointments on your time off, you may use sick leave credits in hourly components.

* Plant Operations employees on regular day shift are to report absences by calling

(484) 664-3400 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Later shifts must report between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Further departmental instructions should be followed in all cases of absence.

** Administrative Staff are expected to notify their supervisor within thirty minutes of the beginning of their normal work day.

You may not use sick leave credit hours during your introductory period or on a holiday. Part-time employees may use sick leave credits only during their normal working periods. For example, sick pay is not available in June, July, or August to employees who normally work from September through May.

For all absences of five or more consecutive days, you must provide a physician's statement to your supervisor when you report back to work. Additionally, the College reserves the right to require a physician's statement for any absence. If you fail to provide such a statement when required or you report off improperly, you may be subject to disciplinary action which might include discharge. If you fail to report off as described above, you will lose pay for time missed.

If the pattern, frequency, or length of your use of sick leave is in question, you may be required to submit a medical release and/or written report which includes prognosis, diagnosis, and required treatment. This determination will be made jointly by the Vice President of Human Resources and your supervisor. A College-paid medical examination by a College-selected physician may be required by the Vice President of Human Resources.