Human resources



After you have fulfilled a two-year required employment period, having worked 1248 or more hours each year during this period, you and your dependents are eligible for a number of tuition benefits. Each of the tuition benefit programs described in this section requires application at the Human Resources Office.

You and your dependents are eligible for full tuition remission benefits at Muhlenberg College. Remission is limited to two courses per semester for you and your spouse, and eight full semesters for each of your dependents under age 25. Normal College admissions requirements must be met and satisfactory academic progress maintained in order to participate in the tuition remission plan. (Tuition Remission Form)

You and your spouse are also eligible to be considered for tuition remission scholarships for two undergraduate courses each semester at any of the member colleges of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). These colleges are De Sales University, Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Moravian College and Lehigh University. LVAIC tuition remission is not available for summer or January sessions.

Your dependent children under age 25 are also eligible to be considered for Tuition Exchange scholarships at more than 300 colleges nationwide. These scholarships are often full tuition scholarships which run for four years of undergraduate education. Renewal must be requested each year, and each of the participating colleges set their own admission and scholarship guidelines.

Written details and specific eligibility conditions of these tuition benefits are available in the Human Resources Office.