Human resources



You are expected to take full advantage of vacation benefits to secure needed rest and relaxation. You may use vacation credits only after you are appointed to "regular" status as an employee. See Section 1.3 for further details on "regular" status. Vacation time is paid at your base pay rate in effect at the time you take vacation.

You accumulate vacation credits according to the following schedule:

Years of Service Annual Accrual
0-4 10 days/average work days**
5-9 15 days/average work days**
10 or more 20 days/average work days**

**Average Work Day, see section 2.8 for details.

All part-time employees working a minimum of 850 hours per year accrue credit in Average Work Days.  Employees working less than 850 hours per year are not eligible to sick or vacation leave accumulation.

If you are hired on or before the 15th of a month, that month is your anniversary month.  If you are hired after the 15th of a month, the following month is your anniversary month.  (For example, an employee hired on October 8 has an anniversary month of October.  An employee hired October 17 has an anniversary month of November.)

You may choose to use your vacation credits as you earn them, or you may accumulate them for use in larger blocks of vacation.  You may carry forward a maximum of one full year's vacation eligibility from one fiscal year into the next. The fiscal year begins July 1; therefore, any vacation time above one full year’s accrual will be lost if not used by June 30.

Consecutive vacation periods are limited to 10 working days, with exceptions to be made only with the approval of the appropriate vice president in consultation with the Director of Plant Operations, Director of Campus Safety & Security, or the Vice President of Human Resources as appropriate.

Your vacation dates are subject to approval by your supervisor in accordance with schedules that maintain work flow without interruption.  Every effort will be made to honor your requests, but length of service will be used to determine approval should two or more employees request the same time period.  Your supervisor may require that you make vacation requests in writing.

*        Plant Operations and Campus Safety & Security employees must request vacation in writing.

*        Plant Operations employees will not receive approval for vacations during the week before or following Commencement.  Campus Safety & Security employees will not receive approval for vacations during the week before Commencement.

If a college holiday occurs when you are on vacation, it will be considered a holiday and will not use your vacation eligibility.

You are expected to use your vacation days prior to your last day of work before separation from employment.  If this is not possible, the Vice President of Human Resources will consult with your supervisor and may provide full payment for your accumulated vacation.

If you are off pay status from the first to the last day of a month, you do not earn vacation or sick leave credits for that month.