Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

7.9 Emergency Medical Services

If you are injured on the job, you should visit the College Health Center during office hours, or contact the Campus Safety and Security office (Emergency Ext 3110, Non-emergency Ext 3112). If necessary, you will be transported to an appropriate medical facility. For all work-related injuries, an accident report must be completed promptly to ensure eligibility to the Worker's Compensation insurance provided by the College. Under normal circumstances, the Health Center is available only for the health needs of students. Exceptions to this are work-related injuries as noted above and services related to the Employee Wellness Program (such as influenza shots, blood tests, etc.).

The College uses a panel of physicians and other health care providers for all work related injuries. Employees must select a physician or other health care provider from the panel for treatment. In order to have medical treatment paid by the College’s insurer, the employee must continue to visit the physician or other health care provider for 90 days, if treatment is needed, from the date of the first visit.