Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers


The policies codified in this Trustees' Handbook for Managers have been derived from policies and procedures adopted by the Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees and/or approved by the President. The Handbook is intended to serve as a useful source of information for managers relating to professional responsibilities, personnel policies, procedures and privileges. The term "manager" as used in this Handbook refers to all salaried exempt personnel except teaching faculty.

Final authority within the corporation of Muhlenberg College to establish, modify, suspend, or discontinue personnel policies and procedures is vested in the Board of Trustees as guided by the Charter and bylaws of the College.

Every effort has been made to insure accuracy in the policy summaries, statements and conditions herein described as of the date of this Handbook and the Human Resources Office will endeavor to keep the information contained herein current. However, subsequent revisions to Muhlenberg College policies and/or procedures may supersede those found in this Handbook. Copies of the Handbook, as well as new and/or revised policy statements not included or covered in this Handbook may be obtained from the Human Resources Office. All managers are urged to keep their copies of this Handbook current by adding supplements and revised new pages upon receipt and promptly deleting outdated materials.

This Handbook is not a contract of employment. Employment at Muhlenberg College is at will and none of the policies or benefits described herein create any contractual obligations between a manager and the College. Employment may be terminated by the employee or the College at any time without notice or cause. No representative of the College has the authority to enter into a contrary agreement except the President. Any such agreement must be in writing and signed by the President or his or her designee and the employee.

The College reserves the right to change, add or, interpret, withdraw, or make exceptions to, at its sole discretion, any of the policies, procedures and benefits in the Handbook. In case of any disparity or conflict between the provisions of the Handbook and the policies and procedures instituted by the Board of Trustees, the latter shall prevail.

Anne W. Speck
Vice President, Human Resources