Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

3.2 Performance Appraisal

The President will approve criteria to serve as a guide in appraising and discussing the performance of managers. Periodic performance appraisal is to encourage constant, consistent and relevant professional dialogue, measure professional performance and development, provide recognition of performance, encourage supervisors to provide coaching and support as needed, and facilitate planning.

Each manager receives a written appraisal consistent with the calendar for appraisals. Elements of performance generally include criteria such as planning and, decision making, interpersonal relationships, job knowledge, communication skills, initiative, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

For new managers, a formal appraisal may be completed after six months, and annually thereafter.

A position description for each manager position, prepared by the Vice President of Human Resources in cooperation with the supervisor and the appropriate senior officer, is retained in the Human Resources Office. This description is issued or revised whenever a vacancy occurs or a new position is authorized, or if the nature of the position changes in a material way. It is a major component of the search and selection process and is an important reference in orientation, training and appraisal.

An annual Performance Appraisal Report, completed by the manager and the appropriate supervisor, is submitted to the appropriate senior officer according to each year's published schedule. Dialogue relative to work performance is encouraged between employees and supervisors on a frequent basis beyond annual appraisal.

The comments of the individual being appraised are both welcome and important. Discussions provide supervisors with the opportunity to review strengths and weaknesses and to establish with the staff member both personal and professional goals and strategies for the short and long term.