Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

3.7 Personnel Records

Personnel records are maintained in the Human Resources Office. When there is a change in status (name, address, phone, marital status, new dependents, etc.), employees are urged to contact the Human Resources Office to ensure the accuracy of their official personnel file. Other offices are notified as needed by the Human Resources Office.

When outside sources (such as prospective employers, credit card companies or mortgage lending institutions) request information about the work record of an employee, the Human Resources Office normally discloses only the dates of employment and job title(s). Additional information is supplied only if a written disclosure consent form, bearing the signature of the employee, is received.

The Vice President of Human Resources will review an employee's personnel file with the employee if requested. An employee has the right to access most of the material in his or her file. However, at the discretion of the Vice President of Human Resources, certain portions of the file (such as letters of reference) may be withheld.

The College may permit access to employee personnel files pursuant to lawful requests of federal, state or local agencies relevant to bona fide investigations, hearings or court action. Individuals whose files are opened will be notified in writing of such actions by the Human Resources Office.