Human resources

Trustees' Handbook For Managers

5.17 Post-retirement Benefits

With regard to the post-retirement benefit program, Muhlenberg College reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the program or eligibility requirements, and will provide appropriate notification in case of any such change.

5.17.1 Group Life Insurance

An employee retiring, subsequent to November 30, 1983, at age 60 or older and who has been employed by the College for at least ten consecutive years, will be carried by the College on group life insurance coverage according to the schedule in effect at the time of retirement.

5.17.2 Retiree Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement Plan

The Retiree Health Insurance Reimbursement Plan applies to all full-time employees hired prior to July 1, 1994. Any such employee retiring at age 60 or older who has been employed by the College for at least ten years, and his or her spouse, will be eligible for the College's Retiree Health Insurance Premium Reimbursement Plan during their respective lifetimes. The College will reimburse health insurance premiums paid by the retiree/spouse to a set maximum dollar amount. At the request of the retiree/spouse, these payments will be made as frequently as quarterly. Reimbursement requests must be submitted in writing, with proof of premium payment provided. In no case will the reimbursement exceed the actual cost of the health insurance purchased by the retiree/spouse.

5.17.3 Tuition Scholarships for Dependents

Retired employees retain the tuition scholarship benefit for dependents as indicated in section 5.13. Complete eligibility guidelines for tuition scholarship benefits are available from the Human Resources Office.