Human resources

Muhlenberg Presidential Assistantship Program  

Adult Students in The Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College

Purpose and Requirements

October 19, 2017


To maintain and enhance college services through the appointment of qualified adult students to entry-level management positions. To provide adult students with a significant credential for future employment and/or graduate study.


The Presidential Assistantship program for adult students consists of a meaningful job experience available to students who are willing to assume responsibilities as a half-time entry- level manager at Muhlenberg College. In exchange, students receive free tuition for a designated number of courses. It should be noted that this waiver of tuition represents a taxable benefit.

Applicants for open assistantship positions should carefully review the information listed below. Clearly, this program is not for everyone. However, those who have completed Assistantships have been uniform in their praise of the work credential gained and the learning opportunity the experience has provided.

Announcement of Positions

The specific positions available with position descriptions and application instructions will be listed in the Handshake database no later than October 31 of each year. Handshake can be found at: Search for "Presidential Assistant" to see the open opportunities.

If you have any questions, please contact The Career Center at 484-664-3170 or



Presidential Assistants normally will be required to have completed the equivalent of their freshman year and must be enrolled as degree candidates in the Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College. Exceptions to this are possible with the approval of the Dean of the Wescoe School.


Normally, employment terms, depending on the position and the student, will be as follows:

  • 15 months June 1 through August 15 (summer plus academic year plus summer), OR
  • two academic years, August 15 through May 15 of each year, OR
  • one academic year, August 15 through May 15, OR
  • one academic year and one summer in combination.


Assistants will follow the management staff work calendar, working half-time (average of 20 hours per week) while enrolling for two or three courses. Wescoe School matriculants may, if approved by the Dean of the Wescoe School, enroll for up to 3 courses each academic term ( a limit of 9 courses per year) with tuition remission. Class hours must be scheduled in consultation with the administrative supervisor to assure that satisfactory work schedules are maintained. Assistants are required to enroll through the Wescoe School in order to provide access to both day and Wescoe School courses. Assistants are regarded as part-time employees of Muhlenberg College.


Assistants will be granted tuition remission, a taxable benefit, equal to a half-time load (2 courses per academic term) for the duration of their appointment, or if requested, up to 3 courses each academic term for a total of 9 courses per calendar year. Course audit fees do not qualify for tuition remission.  Assistants will also receive a stipend of $600 per month. Withheld from this amount are taxes on both the stipend and the value of the tuition benefit received.  Students will continue to pay the Technology Fee, Student Activity Fee and Health & Wellness Fee.  Students will retain access to health and other student services durig their term of employment.  They will be required to declare the value of tuition and stipends as income for federal and state income tax purposes. For questions regarding tax deductions, other witholding and the effect on monthly stipend checks, students are invited to consult with Ellen Pothering, Controller.  Assistants are eligible for a 10% discount on most items in the Muhlenberg College Bookstore subject to limits established by the bookstore.


Students should be aware that part-time students (2 courses during an academic semester) are not eligible for Dean's List. If students wish to be eligible for the Dean's List, they may choose to carry a three-course load. Students enrolled at least half-time are eligible to apply for Stafford loans.


Assistants are expected to commit themselves to the full employment term agreed to at the time of appointment. Assistants will be evaluated during February each year and will continue to serve at the pleasure of the President and the designated administrative supervisor. Unsatisfactory work habits or job performance could result in the discontinuation of the assistantship at the conclusion of any academic period. This would result in the forfeiture of tuition remission and stipends for the time which remains in the stated term of appointment.


Assistants will be able to participate in the May Commencement ceremony even if courses remain to be taken in the summer sessions which immediately follow. College policy allows seniors to participate in the ceremony as long as no more than three courses remain to be completed during the summer period which follows. Students' names will be printed in the commencement program only after they have completed all of the requirements for graduation.


Applications for specific positions should be made through The Career Center as described in the Announcement of Positions section above. Applicants will be required to submit a letter of application, a completed application form, evidence of good academic standing, and personal references.  Interviews with the administrative supervisor of the position and Anne Speck, Vice President, Human Resources will be required.


Presidential Assistants will be appointed on the recommendation of the designated administrative supervisor with the approval of the President and in consultation with the Vice President, Human Resources.


Assistants will complete orientation sessions on the organization and operation of the College. They will be provided with work space, will follow administrative work calendars and holiday schedules, attend administrative staff meetings, and carry out work schedules as agreed on with the administrative supervisor during their term of employment. Assistants will meet with the Vice President, Human Resources periodically during their term of employment to review their program goals and accomplishments.

Further questions relative to this program should be directed to Anne Speck, Vice President, Human Resources or to The Career Center.