Information Technology

Media Services

Media Services is responsible for instructional and presentational technology. The following services are available: delivery, retrieval, and maintenance of AV equipment; faculty, staff, and student assistance in regards to media equipment; and training (upon request).

Equipment Requests

Many classrooms are furnished with basic components, such as television, VCR and overhead. A growing number of classrooms are equipped with a tech wall with built in computer, including CD ROM and internet connection, a laptop connection, VCR, DVD, TV tuner and document camera / overhead.

Please follow the instructions below regarding Equipment Requests for Teaching and Meeting Spaces

  1. Review the Room list, which identifies the equipment currently available in each space.
  2. If your meeting or teaching space does not contain the necessary equipment, please fill out the Media Service Equipment Request Form (browsing with Internet Explorer recommended for links to a local file).
  3. After your request has been processed, you will be contacted by Media Services to review details.

If your request does not require a classroom, you can process directly to the Media Service Equipment Request Form (browsing with Internet Explorer recommended for links to a local file).

In addition to Routine and Special Equipment Requests, Media Services may be contacted for accessories.  Accessories such as video tapes, audio tapes, flip chart paper and markers can be purchased through the Bookstore. You may want to call ahead for availability.

Please note the following:

  • VHS tapes, audio tapes, mini-DV tapes, CDs and DVDs can be purchased in the Bookstore.
  • Flip chart paper can be purchased in the Bookstore or through Office Depot.
  • The form is restricted to Faculty/Staff with Intranet Access. If you do not have Intranet access, please contact your Department or visit Media Services in Ettinger 006.
  • In the event that service is required on equipment, immediately contact Media Services at x3455

Equipment is divided into two categories: Routine Equipment and Special Equipment.

Requests Require 48 Hours Notice

  • television
  • vcr/DVD player
  • slide projector
  • overhead projector
  • easels
  • tape recorders

Requests Require 2 Weeks Notice
Special arrangements must be made for with Media Services for all items listed below.

  • camcorders, VHS, Mini-DV
  • microphone, sound system
  • audio recordings
  • computer/video projectors
  • off-air recordings
  • dubbing
  • sattelite downlinks
  • multiple equipment requests
  • long term equipment requests
  • operator assistance
  • special events
  • off-campus events
  • night & weekend events

Student Workers

Media Services relies on student workers to perform many of the duties associated with the department. Student workers have a "window" of only ten minutes between classes (excluding special events which are a constant occurrence on campus) to accomplish the difficult task of assuring that all requests are met. Media student workers are trained to handle routine requests only.

Student workers with specific training may be available to assist in some special events. In some instances, charges will be incurred for special requests. At least TWO WEEKS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN and arrangements must be made directly through Media Services.