Information Technology


Will I require a computer?
Yes. Muhlenberg strongly recommends that you bring a computer with you. More than 95% of incoming students arrive on Muhlenberg’s campus with a computer. You will use e-mail to communicate with faculty, staff and classmates. You will use a browser to access campus curricular and administrative resources and to perform course research. Word processing will be used for writing assignments and to organize notes. Some courses require the use of a spreadsheet program, powerpoint, or database software (all these are components of Microsoft Office).  Your computer will be an essential tool in learning and communicating! Many students immediately begin to accumulate an electronic portfolio of their work. Your computer can also be your stereo and your TV for watching movies.

What type of computer (desktop vs. laptop) is best?
Laptops are small and light enough to carry to classes for notes, the library for research, elsewhere on campus, or home to work on assignments. Unlike the desktop, portables require less space to use – important at desks in residence halls. Consider where you will want to use your computer when deciding between a desktop and a laptop. Note that there are wireless hotspots on campus, and those spots are certain to expand. Be certain you are comfortable with the video display, keyboard and mouse. Type at least one page of text as a test drive.

Desktop computers are larger and weigh more than a portable, but are generally less expensive. They have more computing power for a given price.

Please note OIT only provides depot service for student computers. Therefore students are required to carry their computers to the Student Help desk if they require service.