Faculty Evaluation Committee on Tenure and Promotion


Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below with number of years remaining to be served.

Continued Members (Terms):

Byungchul Cha (s)  (1)
Eduardo Olid (h)  (1)
Tom Cartelli (h) (away AY 2017-18)  (2)
Grant Scott (h)  (2)
William Tighe (ss) (away Fall 2017)  (2)
Cathy Ouellete (ss)  (3)
Erika Sutherland (h)  (3)
Gretchen Gotthard (s)  
Chris Borick (ss) (Fall 2017)  


a. To evaluate members of the faculty in individual cases of promotion and tenure and to conduct all of the prescribed reviews of the service of faculty members and of the qualifications of prospective faculty members to be hired above the rank of Assistant Professor.
b. To present their reasoned recommendations for tenure and promotion and the appointment of faculty above the rank of Assistant Professor to the Provost and the President.  ()