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Listed below are several activities that you can do on your own to gain a better understanding of your talents and how to use them.

Understanding more about your Talents

Use any of these activities to record your first reactions to your Signature Themes Report:

Verifying my Signature Themes

At First Glance

StrengthsFinder Reflection

This activity asks you to develop your own definition for each of your Signature Themes:

Exploring my Signature Themes


Applying your Talents

Consider how your talents have contributed to your greatest success:

Secret of My Success

Consider how your talents have helped you during life challenges:

The Challenge of Affirming My Talents

This activity asks you to consider how you might solve a current challenge:

A Fresh Perspective

Figure out what your talents permit you to do and when you’ve done it:

The Talent Connection



[Muhlenberg College shall] become a “strengths-based” campus by 2014, recognized by the Gallup Organization as a “Strengths Leader,” by implementing a comprehensive, developmental StrengthsQuest program.