Dear Colleagues;

Muhlenberg College is pleased to announce the rollout of the new online scheduling software, 25Live.  25Live, the master scheduling system for the College, will be implemented beginning fall of 2016. Requests will be managed online moving forward and FRRFs will be retired.  Rather than having to call ahead to check availability, a requester will be able to go online to check tentative availability. Additional benefits include accessing location features and layout options of rooms allowing the system to provide available information when selecting a location.  All requests will be managed in the order they are received in the system and, as always, is first come, first served, based on availability.

As 25Live evolves, the system will deliver on the “one stop shop” objective enabling the ability to request resources, such as catering, and provide notifications to club advisors following approval, as opposed to students tracking down advisors for signatures prior to submitting requests. This upgrade from R25 will provide a robust online scheduling experience focused on our objective of providing a “one stop shop” when planning meetings and events.  As a subsequent phase 25Live will provide the feed for the College’s Master Calendar and is planned for roll-out in 2017.  While the system is centralized to ensure maximum and efficient use of limited College real-estate and resources, as the implementation unfolds, several departments will serve as schedulers for their respective key areas, however all will appear seamless to the requester. 

Anyone with a Muhlenberg Login will be able to access 25Live. Faculty, staff and a limited number of student representatives from each College recognized student club/organization will be able to request locations and resources. 

You may access 25Live at

Online tutorials
(additional content uploaded throughout the fall semester)


We wish to thank The Office of Seegers Union & Campus Events, OIT for their patience, support and guidance through implementation and each of our schedulers across campus for their cooperation as we work to build a centralized, robust scheduling solution. We would also like to thank the Division of Student Affairs Office for their ongoing support.

Please contact the Office of Seegers Union & Campus Events at with any questions.