25Live Introduction

What is 25Live?

CollegeNet’s 25Live is Muhlenberg College’s central source for all event reservations and room bookings. This system enables users to view event information and request the use of a location from any computer with internet capability.

How do I access 25Live?

You can access 25Live through https://r25live.muhlenberg.edu/25live/.

Sign in to 25Live with your Muhlenberg College network username and password. For faculty and staff, your user name is your first and last name, all one word. For students, your user name is your network ID. The password is what you use to log into your Muhlenberg desktop computer. Contact the Support Desk for username and password assistance. 

Who can use 25Live?

Anyone with a Muhlenberg Login will be able to access 25Live. Faculty, staff and a limited number of student representatives from each College recognized student club/organization will be able to request locations and resources. Visitors to the website can view basic event information.

Why should I use 25Live? Can I just call the location scheduler to reserve a space or check availability?

25Live as it is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus. Using this system is an efficient method of finding an available location for your event. 25Live also provides you with valuable information regarding our campus’s locations including photos, diagrams, capacities, features, etc.

What are the recommended Browsers?

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended. Internet Explorer is strongly discouraged.

Getting Started

Once you have reached the 25Live home page you will sign in using your Muhlenberg network username and password. 

25Live Sign-In Screenshot for activation tutorial

When you first log in, you will be brought to your Home Dashboard.

25Live Dashboard Screenshot for tutorial

You can also view the Calendar of Events by selecting Calendar in the top right corner. When you initially log in, you will need to click in the “Showing” box and change the search to the Public Event Search, All Events, No Classes. This will display the events for the current day by default. You can click on the dates to adjust the date range.

Please note,  25Live will display either the Home Dashboard or the Calendar when you log in based on which one you last used. 

25Live Calendar Screenshot for tutorial