Approving/Denying Events in 25Live

Log in to 25Live ( with your Muhlenberg College network username (First and Last name all lowercase and all one word) and password (the password you use to log in to your office computer)
25Live Sign-In Screenshot for activation tutorial
Review Overdue and Outstanding tasks on the Tasks Tab in 25Live (Flagged = unread, so if you are in security groups with others you may have a lot of flagged tasks, but no outstanding or overdue tasks because someone else in the group has already taken care of them.)
For each task, click on the event name (it's a link) to open the event and review the details...
25Live - Review Overdue tasks screenshot
Details can be reviewed on both the Task List Tab, and the Details tab within the event. Make sure that the requester has allotted the appropriate setup, pre-event, and post-event times, as well as selected a setup that will fit in the location they are requesting. Also, be sure to review any comments or requirements the requester has submitted (These will appear on the details tab on the left hand side of the page). 
25Live Review Details screenshot
Go to the locations tab to review the availability of the location being requested, as well as nearby locations on the dates and times being requested. We do this to look for conflicts not only in the space being requested, but for the potential of conflicting events in nearby locations. Conflicts could be noise related, hallway traffic, etc. As an example, we probably wouldn't want to schedule a sorority rush meeting next door to the board of trustees retreat.
25Live - Review Locations screenshot
Once we rule out conflicts, return to your tasks so you can assign or approve the tasks. You can do these one at a time, or as a group from the More Options menu in the top right corner of the grey box header. Click on Approve to reserve the location requested. If there is a conflict, click Deny. Then change the Event State to either Confirmed or Denied. 
25Live - Review Locations 2 screenshot
Once all the approvals and denials are complete, it's time for the most important step in the process - Send an E-mail to let the event requestor know what we've just done.
25 Live Email Confirmation screenshot
Select the requestor, scheduler, and copy yourself. Attach the Event Confirmation (Detailed). Enter a message in the Message Body field. If the event is denied, put DENIED in all caps in the subject line and include a note in the message body as to why the event was denied.
25 Live Event Confirmation screenshot
As a precaution, return to the Locations tab to ensure that the event was successfully reserved in the requested location.