Event Creation Tutorial

Sign in to 25Live with your Muhlenberg College network username and password: https://r25live.muhlenberg.edu/25live/

25Live Sign-In Screenshot for activation tutorial

For faculty and staff, your user name is your first and last name, all one word. For students, your user name is your network ID. The password is what you use to log into your Muhlenberg desktop computer. Contact the Support Desk for username and password assistance.

To enter a new room/event reservation, click the "Create an Event" button on the home page. This will bring you to the Event Request Form which will walk you through entering your requests step by step. As you're completing the form, you'll notice helpful hints along the right hand side of the page. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

25Live Welcome Screenshot tutorial

Enter the Program Name which is the overarching title for a group or series of events or the Departmental or Organization Name. Event title is the field that will display on public calendars so be sure to review for accuracy, correct punctuation, and grammar. Choose the event type from the drop down menu. When requesting an academic classroom space, be sure to select an event type that begins with Academic Space. Select a sponsoring organization and co-sponsoring organization from the drop down menu. You can also type the name into the search bar. Click "Next."

25Live Program Name Screenshot for tutorial

Enter the maximum anticipated headcount for setup and catering. You can choose to enter an event description to appear on the campus calendar.

25Live Max Headcount Screenshot for tutorial

In this example we are only going to be requesting a location for one date so we will click on No, this event has only one occurrence.

25Live Recurring Event screenshot for tutorial

Enter your start date, start time, end date, end time. It is important to note that the earliest date you can request a location is two business days. For setup time and pre-event time, please read the description to the right of these fields to determine how much setup, pre-event, and post-event time your event will require. (2:02) To improve the likelihood of your request being approved, it's important to include the appropriate setup, pre-event, and post-event time when completing your request form. Failure to include this time could result in your request being denied due to a time conflict with a surrounding event.

25Live Start End Time screenshot for tutorial

Next, you will select the location you wish to request. Make sure that you have the "Show Only My Authorized Locations That Have No Time Conflicts" and the "Enforce Headcount" boxes checked. Next click search by location name, type in the name of the location and hit enter. Click on the location you wish to request. Once selected, the location will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

25Live Location screenshot for tutorial

To adjust the setup of the space, click on the "View and Modify Occurrences" link underneath the location and adjust the layout and attendance then click save changes.

25Live View Modify Occurrences screenshot for tutorial

25Live View Modify - 2 screenshot for tutorial

The Resources section allows you to request various resources for your event such as catering, pianos, rolling bulletin boards, and much more. You can search by resource name, click on the resource you wish to request, and then click on View and Modify Occurrences to adjust the quantity. It is important to note that Media Services must be requested via the departmental forms website. If you do not need to request any resources, simply click "Next" to move on to the next screen.

25Live Resources Screenshot 1 for tutorial

25Live Resources Screenshot 2 for tutorial

Next you will select the contacts for your event. The requester contact role is used to identify the organizer of the event or representative from the organization responsible for the event. The scheduler contact role is used to identify the person entering the information into 25Live.

25Live Event Contact screenshot for tutorial

Please check the box for all that apply in requirements section.

25Live Check All Requirements screenshot

Use the comments field to provide additional instructions or event information. This information is only viewable by the scheduler, requestor, and any service providers or approvers of locations and resources assigned to this event. Any information listed in the Confirmation Notes section will appear at the top of your event confirmation.

25Live Event Comments screenshot

Finally, review the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that your request follow’s the college’s scheduling policies. Click “I Agree,” and then click “Save.”

25Live Review Terms screenshot

It is important to remember that this form serves a request only. You will receive a confirmation from the location scheduler when your request has been approved. Please do not begin publicizing your event until you have received a confirmation from the location scheduler.

25Live Confirmation screenshot

To check on the status of your event, you can click the Events in which you are the Requestor. 

25Live Event Status screenshot

This will bring up a list of all your events. You can look in the “State” Column to see if your event is still listed as “Tentative” or if it is listed as “Confirmed.” Once your event state is listed as “Confirmed” an e-mail confirmation should be on its way to your Muhlenberg inbox if you haven’t already received it.

25Live Event State screenshot

Feel free to e-mail teamseegers@muhlenberg.edu with any questions or concerns you experience while using 25Live.