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1. Is food or beverage being served? Yes No
If yes, Served Buffet
Do you require table linens? Please specify on diagram.
If yes to either one, please contact Dining Services (Ext. 3488) upon confirmation of this request.
2. Do you require Media Services equipment or assistance for this event? Yes         No

If yes, please contact Media Services upon confirmation of this request, available at Departmental Forms on the intranet.
Data Projector
# Mic & podium:
# Mic - stand:
#Mic - table:
#Mic - lapel:
CD Player
Flip Chart
3. Typical Set-ups:
Theatre Style U-Shape Hollow Square Solid Square
Dining w/ Rounds As Is Classroom Style See Comments Below

See Attachment (upload)
Please upload DIAGRAM of room setup if you have not selected one of the typical set ups listed. If specific set-up is not indicated or provided prior to 10 days in advance, the set-up will be provided in "as is" arrangement.

Upload diagram:

(accepted formats: pdf, jpg, png; file size < 3MB)


Trash Brutes: Stage:
Podium Sign Standards:
# of chairs: # of 6' tables:
# of 8' tables: # of round tables:
Other Equipment options:
Plant Ops:
Security/Parking needs:
Additional Comments:

NOTE: Fees may apply for certain services or resources, based on availability and facility schedule.