Mary Constant Byrne
New Science Building 116

B.S. Chemistry, Notre Dame College (Cleveland, OH)
Ph.D. Pharmacology, Temple University

Courses Taught
First Year Seminar: Madmen, Geniuses and Nerds
Concepts of Biology: Biology of Movement (BIO 102)
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 200)
Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 201)
Comparative Anatomy (BIO 245)
Principles of Biology II laboratory (BIO 151)

Research Interests
As my children have grown and progressed through the grades K-12, I became very interested in science education in the public schools of the Lehigh Valley. I realized that in my role as a college professor I could help encourage college students to consider science as a profession and help teachers in the profession through collaboration in studying content and developing strategies for the classroom. I am presently involved in a number of projects that are intended to improve student achievement in science at the secondary level by working with teachers to implement inquiry-based learning into the curriculum, by enhancing teacher training at the college level and by providing experiences for science majors to work with teachers and secondary students enabling the college students to experience teaching first hand.

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Byrne,MC Farooq, M, Sbaschnig-Agler, M, Norton, WT and Ledeen, RW "Ganglioside content in astroglia and neurons isolated from maturing rat brain: consideration of the source of astroglial gangliosides" Brain Research 461(1) 87-97, 1988.

Byrne,MC, Gottlieb, R and McNamara, JO "Amygdala kindling induces muscarinic cholinergic receptor declines in a highly specific distribution within the limbic system", Exp. Neurology 69: 85-98, 1980.