Biology Department Faculty Course Links for Cultural and Economic Botany

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants List - page that lists and describes the most common medicinal plants in use

Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants - resources for the study of allergenic plants

Medicinal Plants Resources - extensive list of links to resources related to medicinal plants

Bridging Medical Traditions - MSNBC report on how eastern medicines are being used to treat Western    ills

The Herbal Frontier - MSNBC report on the promise and peril of supplements

Invasive Plants

A Threat to America's Biological Heritage - links to articles about invasive species

Eastern Region Invasive Species - extensive listing of exotic plant species in the eastern United Sates

Weeds Gone Wild - provides information on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien plants and a national listing of plants throughout the U.S.


Journal of Agricultural Genomics - articles that deal with all aspects of genome research pertaining to agricultural systems

American Journal of Botany - journal that covers all aspects of plant biology

Index to American Botanical Literature - contains entries dealing with various aspects of extant and fossil American plants and fungi

Plant Breeding - journal that covers all areas of plant breeding

Crop Science - publishes original research in crop breeding, genetics, cytology, etc.


Plants Database - source of standardized information about plants

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases - allows you to search for chemicals, activities, and ethnobotanical uses for particular plants

Plants for a Future - resource center for edible and other useful plants

The Rodale Institute - institute that works worldwide to to achieve a regenerative food system that improves environmental and human health


Vascular Plant Image Gallery - extensive collection of pictures of many plants