Faculty Questionnaire to support a student application for summer research funding through the Biology Department or Neuroscience Program.

The following questions should be answered by the faculty member who is sponsoring a particular student. Please e-mail the responses (attach file in .pdf format) to Bruce Wightman, Chair of Biology by 4PM on Monday February 13, 2017.

1. Which of the following awards do you believe is most appropriate for this student?  Indicate your preference, alternate possibilities, and any supporting rationale.

-          Vaughan

-          Trainer

-          NCRG

-          Biology Dept. funds from gifts to support student research

2. How does this project relate to your research program and how critical is this student’s participation to the successful completion of this research? (200 words maximum)

3. What are some of the characteristics of the particular student that you are recommending that make her/him an appropriate candidate? (200 words maximum)

4. What is your recommendation (select one):

-          Very strongly urge funding of this student

-          Strongly suggest funding this student

-          Fund this student if funds are available (either other funding is also available or the student is strong but not a top candidate) 

5. If you have multiple students applying for the same grant please provide a relative ranking for the review committee.

6. Do you know of any other funding that could be used to support this student, either partially or fully? If so, please explain in fewer than 100 words.

7. If this project requires funding that is beyond what the Department or College typically provides, you may request for support from the Biology Department’s restricted gifts or Trainer Endowment.   Your request must describe your or your student’s funding needs and provide a list of expenses in order of priority.   Please send your request to the department chair, along with this Faculty Questionnaire. It will be considered by all full-time faculty and staff.