Global Education

Why should you study abroad?

Why study abroad? (Part 1)

  • World view and open-mindedness
  • Opens up future possibilities for career choices
  • Learn a great deal about your own country by seeing it from the outside and the way outsiders see it
  • Learn a different way of life, culture, and maybe even a foreign language
  • Appreciate the value of knowing a foreign language
  • Learn how to travel: use travel guides and dictionaries, read train schedules, make travel arrangements, etc.
  • Learn a great deal about yourself, gain self-awareness, independence, and confidence
  • Sight-see and have fun
  • Learn a different perspective or approach to your own major or minor
  • It is an adventure — learn how to take informed risks

Why study abroad? (Part 2)
General reasons of why higher education promotes study abroad:

  • Advancement of access and diversity
  • More international content of the college curriculum.
  • Global context in your future profession and decision-making
  • The business community showed that corporations prefer graduates who have had exposure to international politics, trade and foreign language
  • Our national security depends on foreign language skills of members of the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon
  • We need greater multicultural and global awareness to promote world peace and conflict resolution
  • Global Education helps build the bridges between two different cultures (ours versus theirs)