Global Education

What to Expect

Before you go -

  • Obtain a passport/VISA
  • Must buy international medical insurance through our office
  • Expect travel delays, problems
  • When you board your plane to leave the US, you will be scared to DEATH!!!!!
  • You need to start saving money NOW!!!

Academic Issues -

  • Commute to class my be long distances – use public transportation
  • Fewer contact hours for the class
  • Homework will be less specified
  • Independent learning
  • Group projects/presentations
  • Less assessment —more of your grade rides on less items
  • All grades will converted to A-F

May not have available -

  • A campus
  • Internet access
  • Phone in your room
  • Air conditioning
  • Many American amenities
  • Accommodations for disabilities

Items to buy when you arrive abroad -

  • Linens there because of luggage weight
  • Cell phone

Other Information -

  • Meal plans may vary
  • Cannot rent a car or drive
  • More petty theft, pickpockets, purse snatching than in the US
  • Expect to be homesick