Stephen Koester ’19 Finds His Future in Tanzania 



Adam Elwood
Danish Institute for Study Abroad
Spring 2015

Dear Muhlenberg Faculty & Staff,

During the Spring of 2015, I traveled to Nepal to study abroad as a student representative of Muhlenberg. Despite the chaotic events that unfolded after the earthquake, I returned to campus with a boundless appreciation for my opportunity to have such a cultural experience. I spent the following year and a half finalizing my study in the form of a research paper with the aspiration to return to Nepal. This September I returned to the country and presented my finalized research in Kathmandu alongside fellow local Nepali students. I have attached to this email both my finalized research paper and a one minute video (Youtube Link) chronicling my journey back to where I was during the earthquake. 

I release both of these documents for full use by the College and am open for further communication in ways to which I can give back to the school. 

You are all receiving this email because you have had an influential part of this process.

Thank you, धन्यवाद


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