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How to Scan an Image

  1. Use PC #1. (This computer requires a password)
  2. Turn the scanner on. (The power button is on the top right-hand side of the machine, just below the LCD screen.)
  3. Press the "scan to" button repeatedly until the device's screen reads "save to file." The image may also be sent directly to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint as well.
  4. Place the image to be scanned face down on the scanner, with the top of the document facing to the right.
  5. Press the "scan" button on the device. The scanning process may take a minute or two.
  6. When the computer prompts you to do so, either click "done" to indicate you have no more images to scan, or "scan" to scan another document. (Remember to place the next document on the scanning bed as in step 4 before continuing)
  7. If the "save to file" option was selected, the computer will prompt the user for a destination filename and location. When prompted, specify a filename and location to save the image. Click "save". If the Microsoft Word or Powerpoint options were selected, the corresponding program will open with the image loaded.
  8. When finished, close all programs. Shut the computer down and power off the scanner.