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How to Scan Text for Word Processing

  1. Use PC #1. (This computer requires a password)
  2. Turn on the scanner . (The power button is on the top right-hand side.)
  3. 3. On the computer, double-click the icon on the desktop labeled "HP Director."
  4. In HP Director, click the "Scan Document" icon.
  5. In the dialog box that pops up, select the following options:
    - "document"
    - "scan for editable (OCR) text"
    - "original contains graphics" (if the document contains images).
    - Where prompted "where do you want to send the scanned image?", select "Microsoft Word" from the drop-down list.
  6. Click the "scan" button at the bottom of the dialog box. Scanning may take a minute or two to complete.
  7. HP Director will display a preview of the image. Use the rotate buttons on the left side of the window to adjust the image's orientation, if necessary. Adjust the selected region by dragging the corners of the selection box. Click "accept" to go the next step, or click "new scan" to re-scan the document.
  8. If there are more documents to scan, click "yes" when prompted to scan more documents. Place the next document on the scanner and back to step 5. Otherwise click "no".
  9. The scanned text will appear in a Microsoft Word document, in RTF format. Check the text for spelling errors and save.
  10. When finished, close all programs. Shut the computer down and power off the scanner.