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 Fall 2018



September 18
Michael Huber, Professor of Mathematics, had three articles published in "Met-rospectives: A Collection of the Greatest Games in New York Mets History," B. Wright and B. Nowlin, editors, Society for American Baseball Research, Inc.: Phoenix, AZ, 2018.

September 11
Clifton Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is a grand prize recipient of the 2018 Engagement Excellence Award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology in honor of his work developing Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) courses for intro to computer science courses.

September 7
Math/CS Colloquium Series: How I Spent My Summer Vacation... Summer Experiences of Math and Computer Science Students. This year's presentation includes: Adam Clayman, Grace Imanariyo, Ben Lieberman, Andy Martin, Ruby Ortiz, Ann Palma, Drew Verenna, and Luke Wiley.


Summer 2018


Aug 7
Linda McGuire, professor of mathematics, was an invited panelist in the Project NExT session "Learning to Write and Writing to Learn at all Levels of Mathematics" at MathFest in Denver, CO. Project NExT is a national-level professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences.

Aug 6
Linda McGuire and Will Gryc co-organized the contributed paper session "A Number is Never an Answer: Developing Mathematical Thinking and Communication Through Writing" at MathFest in Denver, August 1 & 2. Twenty-two math professors each presented a paper in the session detailing how they used writing in one of their courses.


Spring 2018

May 3
Michael Humber, Professor of Mathematics, has five articles in the new book "Major League Baseball A Mile High: the First Quarter Century of the Colorado Rockies," published by the Society for American Baseball Research (2018).

April 19
Department majors particiapated in the college's ninth annual Innovation Challege.

The audience favorite was Party DJ, a music playlist app created by Shana Joseph ‘18 and Michael Kovach ‘18, both Computer Science majors.

Marie Grace Imanariyo ‘20 presented African Rockit, a business where individuals order African-made attire through an app and college-aged ambassadors bring the items to the U.S. Although she’s skeptical about launching her company on her own, Imanariyo wants to pursue the project.

“I keep thinking about it since I’ve been part of the competition.” said Imanariyo. “I believe that I’m not going to let the idea die.”

More information here.

April 18
Jamee Hood '18 presented "Food Waste at Muhlenberg" to the Mathematical Association of America MD-DC-VA Section Meeting, held at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA. 

April 7
Several mathematics students, including Gianna Barres, Anthony Carracino, Sabrina Di Costanzo, Stephen Dranoff, Ben Lieberman, Chooka Weiss, Tara Werner, Luke Wiley, and Vicky Wrigley, presented posters of their independent research at the Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference on April 7 at Rowan College, NJ. Tara Werner '18 received an Outstanding Poster Presentation award from the New Jersey section of the Mathematical Association of America. Her mathematics CUE research is Chaucer's Mathematics: Modeling the Canterbury Tales.

February 23
Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is attending the ACM Special Interest Group in CS Education conference this week in Baltimore. He & collaborators are leading a 1-day event for faculty participants in the NSF IntroCS-POGIL workshop and leading a special session & evening workshop on POGIL.

February 19
Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium Series:

Janine Janoski, Kings College - "Impartial Two-Player Games"

An impartial two-player game is a game where both players have the same set of available moves. We will analyze classic games such as Race to Twenty and Nim. We will then discuss the Sprague Grundy numbers for a variation of Nim played on graphs and a domino tiling game.

February 9
Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium Series (with support from Lectures and Forum):

Rebecca Wright, Director of the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science [DIMACS] - "Privacy In Today's World"

Privacy has become an issue of increasing importance in today’s world of networked computing, mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and large-scale data analysis. This talk describes several privacy
solutions and challenges. Specifically, we demonstrate the use of
differential privacy in the context of human mobility modeling based on fine-grained mobile telephone data. We also discuss “side channels” in Facebook and whether they should be viewed as a privacy problem. Finally, we discuss the potential use of differential privacy in conjunction with secure distributed computation, each of which
provide different kinds of privacy protection.

January 31
Eugene Fiorini, Koehler Professor of Mathematics, was recently invited to participate in the Minority Chairs Breakfast meeting at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego. Discussions focused on increasing diversity and minority representation in the mathematical sciences.

January 30
Mike Huber, Professor of Mathematics, had two chapters published in "The Whiz Kids Take the Pennant: The 1950 Philadelphia Phillies," SABR (2018), edited by C. Paul Rogers III and Bill Nowlin.

Eugene Fiorini, Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented a series of lectures and workshops at the University of the Philippines. Lecture topics included the role of mathematics in sustainability, mathematical forensics and research topics in mathematics education.

January 11-13
Byungchul Cha, associate professor of mathematics, presented "Berggren trees, Romik system and Lagrange Theorem" on Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 in San Diego, CA at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which was joint work with Dong Han Kim, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea.

Will Gryc, associate professor of mathematics, presented a talk entitled Strategies for "Buy-It-Now or Make Offer" Auctions on eBay at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego last Thursday 01/11.

Linda McGuire, professor of mathematics, gave the paper Understanding Mathematics using Historical, Cultural, and Sociological Perspectives from Feminist Theory at the joint meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in San Diego, CA.

Benjamin Lieberman '19 presented his research via poster and presentation entitled "A Monte Carlo measurement of Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania through Random Tessellation." at the joint AMS/MAA meetings in San Diego.

Max Krueger '18 presented his research poster "Set-Valued Young Tableaux and Product-Coproduct Prographs" at the joint AMS/MAA meetings in San Diego.


Fall 2017

December 11
Mike Huber, Professor of Mathematics, had a chapter, "The End of the Bowie Kuhn Era," published in "Baseball's Business: The Winter Meetings, 1958-2016," by the Society for American Baseball Research.

November 19
Linda McGuire, Professor of Mathematics, attended the regional meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware (EPaDel) section of the Mathematical Association of America on Saturday, November 18 at Shippensburg University.

William Britt '17, Jamie Oliva '16, Brittney Tuff '16, Charli White '17, and William Gryc, associate professor of mathematics, published an article titled "Strategies for Making Best Offers on eBay" in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Undergraduate Research.

November 16
Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, will serve on the leader team for the Professors Open Source Software Experience (POSSE) workshop from Nov 16-18 at Red Hat Inc, Raleigh, NC.

November 15
Eugene Fiorini, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented a series of talks on mathematical forensics and summer research opportunities at Appalachian State University.

November 13
Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium Series:

Annual Back to'Berg night!

November 7
Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium Series:

John E. Hammett III, St. Peter's University - "Accessing Mathematics Through Poetry: Engaging Learners at All Levels"

Mathematical poetry in its various forms foster opportunities; students can solve problems, investigate content, explore the history of mathematics, explain algorithms and other techniques, engage in recreational mathematics, and enjoy the beauty inherent in the discipline. Math poems can offer differentiated access points to mathematical content for learners of all ability, interest and preparation levels, including majors, minors, pre-service teachers, and general education students. All students and faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend this workshop; come prepared to help compose at least one math poem, either individually or as part of a small group, your choice. You will leave a math poet.

November 6
Mike Huber, professor of mathematics, had seven chapters appear in "Sportsman's Park in St. Louis: Home of the Browns and Cardinals at Grand and Dodier," published 2017 by SABR, Inc.: Phoenix, AZ.

November 4
Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, led a one-day workshop on Nov 4 at Heidelberg University in Ohio on Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL).

October 21
Andy Martin and Adam Cantor, the Muhlenberg College team, took third place out of a field of 19 teams in a student programming contest at the 33rd CCSC-Eastern Computer Science Conference over the weekend. This year the conference was hosted by Muhlenberg College.

October 21
Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium Series (co-sponsored by Lectures and Forum & Public Health):

Armin Mikler, University of North Texas - "RE-PLAN: A Framework for Responding to Biochemical Emergencies"

Emergencies stemming from the release of harmful biochemical substances demand a timely response. Therefore, local governments are required to maintain functional plans for receiving medical countermeasures (MCMs) from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and distributing them within federally-mandated timeframes.

Determining optimal placement of clinics for the distribution of MCMs, requires the integration of geographic, demographic, and transportation data. The design and analysis of these response plans is a complex task. To this end, the RE-PLAN Framework has been developed to facilitate a data-driven response plan design. This talk will provide the highlights of RE-PLAN, a computational framework for placing facilities based on different optimization criteria.

October 10
"Quadratic Forms and Their Berggren Trees," submitted by Byungchul Cha, associate professor of mathematics, Emily Nguyen '16 and Brandon Tauber '15, was accepted for publication by the Journal of Number Theory.

September 22
Eugene Fiorini, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, recently presented his current research on integer sequences associated with the Catalan triangle at the University of Delaware Combinatorics Seminar.

September 21
Math Club hosted the Annual Math Club Ice Cream Social.

September 15
Math/CS Colloquium series: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Summer Experiences of Math and Computer Science Students"



Summer 2017

June 15
Gail Marsella (chemistry) and Eugene Fiorini (Koehler Professor of Mathematics), recently presented the workshop CrIM^2E (Criminal Investigation through Molecular/Mathematical Examination) at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Eugene Fiorini, Koehler Professor of Mathematics, received a travel grant through the Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA) to participate in the Reconnect 2017 workshop. The theme of the workshop is to further develop mathematical and computational tools for energy efficiency and reliability.

Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is a Fulbright Specialist at Ashesi University in Ghana, where he will meet with faculty, staff, and students, review programs and lead professional development workshops.


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