Kate Ranieri 

Assistant Professor, Media & Communication
Walson 103


B.A., Cedar Crest College
M.A., Ed.D., Northern Illinois University

Kathryn L. Ranieri's current work is a collaborative project with an archivist and a digital cultures technician to engage documentary research students in archival research with the objective of creating digital stories based on institutional history as  part of the multimodal online platform, the Muhlenberg Memories Project. In Documentary Research, a course in which students produce a digital documentary, the archivist introduces students to Muhlenberg College’s digital and analog materials relating to the period during World War II through active learning exercises. As the semester progresses, students work with the professor to fine-tune their narrative and with the archivist to locate texts and images that support their digital documentary. The students also engage with the Digital Cultures Technician in the Documentary Lab to learn best practices for digitizing archival images and sound, developing digital stories about the college’s history and creating metadata for storing and sharing their projects online. An additional project involves the World War II-era collection of correspondence between Muhlenberg servicemen and the Alumni Office. The ongoing aspect of this project is the textual analysis of these letters to understand how the men and the college experienced World War II.