Media & Communication 

Susan Kahlenberg 

Associate Professor, Media & Communication 
Walson 202 


B.A., Muhlenberg College
M.A., University of Delaware
Ph.D., Temple University

Kahlenberg’s research is guided by cultivation theory to consider underlying patterns in
television’s stories. These stories are considered in relation to the institutions that create
and distribute them and in terms of the potential impact on viewers. She employs content
analysis to systematically and quantitatively measure gender representations on
children’s television programming in a variety of macro-scale samples, including
Nickelodeon and Disney networks and spinoff channels, toy commercials airing on the
Nickelodeon network, and network prime time television programming. Her research is
published in academic journals and book anthologies, reporting that scripted
commercials and television programs are imbued with gender-role stereotypes that
maintain social inequalities. Her emerging research reconceptualizes gender and
sexuality in more fluid ways and identifies challenges to traditional gender and sexuality
In recent years, she’s become more interested in issues pertaining to the
scholarship of teaching and learning, presenting at regional, national, and international
conferences on communication assessment, online and blended learning practices, and
social justice pedagogy. She teaches Media and Society, Media, Theory and Methods,
Children and Communication, Media Advocacy, Gender, Communication, & Culture, and
Health Communication, supporting interdisciplinary programs in women’s and gender
studies and public health, as well as the College’s digital learning initiatives.