Muhlenberg Scholars

Students who successfully complete the Scholars Program receive a speical certificate at graduation as well as the designation "Muhlenberg Scholar" on their diploma and transcript.

To be eligible for this distinguished honor, a student must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.500 and have achieved at least a 3.250 grade point average in the following Scholars courses:

  • Scholars First-Year Seminar
  • Scholars course in the Humanities
  • Scholars course in the Social Sciences
  • Scholars course in the Natural Sciences
  • Senior Scholar Capstone Seminar
  • Senior Scholars Project

Scholars Freshman Seminars explore areas of current interest by critically examining their underlying goals, values, and assumptions.

Scholars courses are small, interdisciplinary, discussion-oriented courses in which the student is encouraged to grapple creatively with problems at the forefront of current research. The emphasis is on original source materials rather than textbooks. The goal is to create a community of inquiry where professor and student reason together about topics of current interest.

Senior Scholars Capstone Seminars attempt to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of a field by integrating the findings of various disciplines into a coherent whole.

Senior Scholars projects provide Scholars Students the opportunity to explore in-depth a topic of their own choosing and to work closely with a faculty member. These projects are self-designed and tailored to the individual student's desire and interests.