Muhlenberg Scholars

College is a time for exploration, discovery, change, and growth. It’s a time to test your abilities, develop new ideas, and take on new challenges and responsibilities. The Muhlenberg Scholars Program is designed to nurture talented students by providing a rich and stimulating environment in which they can realize their true potential.

It seeks to foster creativity, independence, and self-realization by bringing together faculty and students committed to the highest ideals of a liberal education. Through innovative course offerings, unique co-curricular programs, and close student/faculty interaction, it strives to create a community of inquiry where the free exchange of ideas leads to new insights into one's self and one's world.

The Scholars Program is more than just a challenging set of courses β€” it is an integrated program of study that incorporates both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The curricular component involves a broad-based interdisciplinary investigation of the three major divisions of learning β€” humanities, social sciences and natural sciences β€” as well as an in-depth study of a topic under the personal supervision of a faculty member. The extra-curricular component encompasses a variety of activities, including meeting with outside speakers, attending dinner or theatre events,  and participating in games nights or other social events.