Christine T. Sistare Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Professor of Philosophy
Co-Director, Philosophy/Political Thought Program
Moyer, 3rd Floor
Phone: (484)664-3372


B.A., Connecticut College
M.A., Ph.D., Emory University

Personal:  Two children, Hannah (26) and Austin (21); spouse, Bill Schmitz; currently reduced to only 6 cats.   We live in a circa 1715 farmhouse in Hilltown, PA.

Teaching:  Ancient Philosophy, Individual & Society, Political Philosophy, Law & Morality, American Philosophy, Utopianism (seminar/special topics), Philosophy of Law (seminar),  and Process Philosophy (seminar).  In the past, I was both the political/legal and ethics professor in the Department.   In that role, I taught the 300-level Ethics course and created both the introductory Conduct & Character and Environmental Philosophy courses.

Research:  Early on, my work centered on responsibility theory, particularly in relation to criminal law and liability; out of that grew a special interest in omissions as grounds of responsibility and liability.  I have edited volumes on several topics in legal and political philosophy and written articles on tolerance, civility, liberty, punishment, and contemporary liberalism.  My recent interests focus on religion and the law in the U.S. and France  and on conceptions of civil disobedience.