Gretchen Hanson Gotthard, Ph.D.


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Lab Projects (2008-present)

Jaclyn Durkin ('12): Effectiveness of distraction on memory in an animal model of PTSD

* Partially funded by a Dean's grant to Jaclyn Durkin.

Cimarron Sharon (’14) and Stefanie Cappucci (’14): Effects of extinction on “linked memory” for predator stress in an animal model of PTSD. (in progress)

Nathan Frick (’14): Effects of propranolol on “linked memory” for predator stress in an animal model of PTSD. (in progress)

*Partially funded by a Lake Road Fellowship to Nathan Frick (summer, 2013)

Bess Glickman ('13): Updated consolidation: Effects of cylcoheximide on reversal learning in the sand maze.

* Partially funded by a Neuroscience Collaborative Research Grant to Bess Glickman.

Lindsey Ruggiero ('12): Tactile maze: Effects of cycloheximide on extinction of a tactile discrimination in rats.

* Partially funded by a Neuroscience Collaborative Research Grant to Lindsey Ruggiero.

Brittany Sherman (’12): Effects of propranolol on reconsolidation of traumatic memory in a predator-based model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

* Partially funded by a Dean’s grant to Brittany Sherman.

Emily Einhorn (’12) and Johanna Block (’11): Examination of “updated” consolidation: Does cycloheximide block reversal learning in appetitive odor discrimination learning in rats?

* Partially funded by a Sentience Foundation grant to Johanna Block.

Michelle Cohen (’12) and Christa Houck (’12): The hex maze: Development of a novel appetitive paradigm for the examination of spatial and nonspatial learning and memory.

* Partially funded by a Provost Collaborative grant to Michelle Cohen and a Sentience Foundation grant to Christa Houck.

Joshua Cohen (’11): Extinction-induced despair (EID) in the sand maze: Effects of cycloheximide and propranolol on memory for extinction of positive reinforcement in rats

*Partially funded by a Dean’s Grant to Joshua Cohen.

Joshua Cohen (’11): Examination of the attenuation of extinction-induced despair (EID) via chronic desipramine (tricyclic antidepressant) administration on extinction-induced despair in rats.

Katherine DiPierro (’11): The role of focused and unfocused drawing on recall for recently learned material

Johanna Block (’11), Caitlin Burgdorf (’12): Effects of cycloheximide on “linked” context and olfactory memories in rats.

*Partially funded by Sentience Foundation grants awarded to Johanna Block and Caitlin Burgdorf.

Eric Gonzalez (’10) and Johanna Block (’11): Protein synthesis inhibition and appetitive memory reconsolidation: Effects of cycloheximide on retrained odor discrimination memory in long-evans rats.

*Partially funded by a Provost’s Collaborative Grant to Johanna Block and a Sentience Foundation grant to Eric Gonzalez.

J. Matt Marini (’11) and Samantha Mangel (’12): Effects of propranolol on memory for a predator in an animal model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Christopher Lewis (’11), Demetrai Tate (’10) and Cory Hackmyer (’11): Effects of predator stress on subsequent spatial learning in the Sand Maze.

Josh Glueck (’09), Matt Eadline (’09), and Matt Marini (’11): Protein synthesis inhibition and extinction: Does cycloheximide produce amnesia for extinction of an odor discrimination in rats?

Sarah Cappello (’09) and Catherine Ruscitti (’09): Protein synthesis inhibition and spatial learning and memory: Cycloheximide produces amnesia for extinction in the sand maze.


sand maze

Sand Maze

elevated plus maze

Elevated Plus Maze

digging task

Bunsey Digging Task

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Open Field